How to Deal With Hyperactive Preschoolers

Hyperactive children, and especially younger ones, seem to be quite unstable, jumping from activity to activity with limitless energy. They also tend to have difficulty following directions and listening to instructions, which may lead to poor performance in school. Even behavioral problems are a part of the problem. Different experts and psychologists advocate different ways of dealing with hyperactivity, but it is very difficult to give a right answer to handling such a situation. However, there are some useful tips that can make it a bit easier to bear. Check them out.

How to Deal With Hyperactive Preschoolers

1. Get Them to Help Around the Home

Do not channel your children’s energy by letting them sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite cartoons for hours. It is always a good idea to ask them if they would like to help you prepare dinner, take out the trash or tidy up their room instead. These are some of the simplest home-related tasks that should be done by kids, simply because that will help them learn what their responsibilities are. Besides that, kids love spending quality time with their parents, so letting them take part into the everyday activities will have multiple benefits.

2. Break Down Complex Instructions

A long list of complex instructions is often very difficult to follow, especially to hyperactive preschoolers. Instead of that, you should break the task into smaller segments. It is very important that children look you in the eye while you are explaining, and have them repeat back each step. Besides that, writing instructions down can be very helpful to children, since a step-by-step list will allow them focus on one small step at a time.

Break Down Complex Instructions

3. Utilize Positive Reinforcement

Hyperactive children may find task completion very difficult, which is why they have to realize that the task is worth completing. This is exactly when you, as a parent, should step in – to give praise and rewards whenever they do it right. You can even assign them tasks that lead to a prize, such as baking their favorite cookies. Don’t think of that as bribing – see it as a reward for getting through the difficult process of task completion.

4. Motivate Them Towards Channeling Their Energy Appropriately

Physical activity is essential for hyperactive kids, so any kind of sports will be useful to them. Martial
arts, such as Karate or Kung Fu, may be particularly beneficial, simply because they require a perfect balance of mental concentration and physical exertion. Education has a very important role in maintaining that balance, especially some methods such as Montessori. It encourages children to naturally learn order and self-discipline, while channeling their energy in the right way – through activities that will encourage their creativity and use it productively. Besides that, dance, acting, and music classes are also great, as well as arts and crafts projects. These are fantastic for teaching children to turn creative concepts into something concrete.

Coping with a hyperactive child is certainly very challenging for all the parents out there, however, following some useful tips can make their life much easier. Be patient and understanding, help your child by presenting information in smaller segments and write things down. What is also important – encourage others who interact with your child to do the same thing. Success is guaranteed, whereas negative behavior will be minimized, which is essential.

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