Magical Color Change Sippy Cups from The First Years Review

Brand new for 2012, The First Years introduces Magical Color Change technology in their Disney Insulated Cup line, which remains BPA Free. When Mom pours chilled liquid into the insulated cup, it magically changes to a darker color. As the liquid cools to room temperature, the cup changes back to its original color. Parents will love the peace of mind this technology provides and children will marvel at the magic of color change!

Your child’s favorite Disney characters (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Princess, Disney Fairies, Toy Story 3 and Cars 2) combined with new BPA-Free Magical Color Change technology will bring fun to every mealtime! The cups make clean up easy for parents too with the exclusive Easy Clean Valve System™, a one-piece lid with a built in spill-proof valve, eliminating the need for extra cleaning.

All The First Years Sippy Cups are BPA-free and dishwasher safe and are available in the following styles:

  • ·         Insulated Sippy Cup: These cups feature double-wall insulation to keep a child’s drink cooler longer and a “sweat-proof” surface making it easier to grip.  9 oz. cup. Age 9 months and up. MSRP: 2 pack $8.99
  • ·         Grown Up Trainer Cup: For children who want a cup just like Mom and Dad’s coffee cup, The First Years created the Grown Up Trainer Cup. The cup’s lid assists with the transition from a sippy cup to an open cup by mimicking a normal lip grip to an open cup.  Mom will also like that the cup is spill-proof for learning. 9 oz. cup. Age 18 months and up. MSRP $4.99 each

What the momma thinks….

Over the last several years I have been on a search for the perfect sippy cup. There is no shame in admitting that along the way I have found many that I like but they all had one flaw that The First Years Magical Color Change Sippy Cups does not, wide mouth value system. I cannot tell you how many times I have tossed a sippy in the trash because we either lost the removable piece or it became uncleanable. This sippy cup is wide enough in the inner lid that I can get a sponge all the way around, cleaning ever inch of space. The lid and value system is all one piece, meaning nothing to lose or misplace.

The color change is a great feature that my children like. It has actually improved their agree ability to drinking ice water. They like watching how quickly this super cold liquid changes the cup inner cup color. I like this feature because I know exactly when it is time to pour out the contents. This will come in handy more and more as it gets warmer and we take our sippy cups on the road and for strolls.

Even though I have only had a week with the Cars 2 Magical Color Changing Sippy Cups, I have fallen in consumer love with them. I rushed out to pickup a Toy Story set on day two and we will be adding Mickey Mouse to our collection as soon as I find them in store. This is the first cup of this type that I can truly rave about. However I would like to see two sizes instead of one, something smaller would be great for little hands. My 23 month old does fine holding them but when we first started sippy training these would have been too large for him to grasp.

I most definitely give the Magical Color Change Sippy Cups my stamp of approval. So what are you waiting for? Add a little magic to your toddler’s day with new sippy cups from The First Years brand ( today. Available in stores and online.

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