Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time and Grime

Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time and Grime

Most of us make cleaning a lot harder than it has to be. There is no reason to spend hours every day trying to keep your house clean. With proper plans, organization, and know-how, you can keep your home clean and presentable at all times. Use these cleaning hacks to help you cut time and grime around your home.

Clean the Dirtiest Thing Last

Work top to bottom, inside toward the center, or from the right in a clockwise motion from your stove to always clean the dirtiest areas last in your home. This will help avoid spreading dirt and grease around and having to use more cleaning supplies such as sponges and cloths.

Sanitize Sinks, Sponges and Toilets

These things get super dirty. Believe it or not, sponges and sinks can sometimes be dirtier than your toilets. It’s important to sanitize your sink each day. Use a cleaner that gets rid of bacteria such as bleach, or a commercial cleaner that gets rid of germs. In addition, sanitize your sponge by cleaning well with the cleaner, then zapping it in the microwave. For your toilet, you can use flat soft drinks to dissolve dirt and lose the worry about your dog drinking out of the pot. Just pour flat soda (or buy super cheap soda) into the bowl and let soak overnight. Then in the morning, scrub and flush away the germs.

Use an Oven Liner

The oven gets dirty because when you bake items they often drip or splatter. If you put a non-stick liner in the bottom of your oven you can easily wipe it out as you clean up the kitchen each evening after dinner. Spending one minute right now wiping out the spills will save you hours later trying to get off burnt-on food.

Cleaning Hacks That Cut Time and Grime

Use Rain X on Your Shower Door

Do you have shower doors or any glass that gets wet and spotted from water? If so you can use anything designed for automobiles to bead up rain water to help keep the spots down. The trick though is to also wipe it down with your towel after you’ve dried off, before the water dries in spots. If everyone in the house is taught to wipe down the tub, shower, sink and other surfaces after drying off, you’ll hardly ever have to do deep cleaning in the bathroom.

Wash Shower Liners with Bleach in Washer

Is your shower liner getting moldy? Instead of replacing it, you can actually throw it in the washing machine with bleach and soap. Use hot water, and then hang up while still wet. Teach everyone to fully close the curtains to avoid getting mold in the future.

Keep Your Bedroom Comfortable

It can be very hard to sleep in a mess. If you train yourself and everyone else to make the bed first thing, the room will automatically feel cleaner and more restful. Eliminating clutter by cutting down on the stuff you have, only keeping in drawers and closets things you actually use. This will also make cleaning less work.

Basket It

Take five minutes to circle the house with a basket, putting anything that doesn’t belong in the room inside the basket. Go through twice, so you can also put the stuff away after collecting it. This can cut down on clutter in a big way. Want to teach kids to pick up their belongings? Have a lost and found and charge for retrieval.

Create a Home for Everything

Organization will help tremendously. If everything has a home, such as shoes, coats, umbrellas, books and so forth, there will be a lot less clutter. Create homes for things with baskets, cubbies and shelving.

Use Phone Time Wisely

If your mom or best friend calls, use the time in a productive manner. Get a headset so that you have your hands free and keep moving during the entire call cleaning anything that’s dirty or folding laundry.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take that much time out of your day if you keep cleaning as you go, and teach your family to do the same. Having a home for each thing you own, and a logical place to store things, will also help. Creating procedures and scheduling times to do deep cleaning will also make a huge difference.

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  1. seeing that my husband taught our son to stand and pee, I have to say I detest the bathroom.
    It used to not be that way.. I always thought it the easiest room.

  2. Start from the ceiling and work your way down with the cleaning saving the floors for last.

  3. I detest cleaning the bathroo so I put the mi=usic up high and dance the clean away

  4. For me, it’s the kitchen. It’s one of the most used rooms in our house, and I feel like I’m always cleaning it, especially the floor. I vacuum it once or twice a day and wash it every other.

  5. I hate cleaning windows, don’t get me wrong I love my windows clean but I have such a hard time getting them really clean and streak free etc. then they don’t stay that way very long at all because we live in a dusty, windy area!

  6. I hate cleaning the bathroom. One of my spring cleaning tips is to start is to focus on one chore or room at a time.

  7. The bathroom is such a nightmare to clean! My spring cleaning tip is to tackle one big project at a time. Turn it into steps so it is not as overwhelming.

  8. Cleaning the tile shower, especially the glass surround, is the worst at our place because the window does not open i.e. the fumes from the cleaner are noxious !!!

  9. I detest cleaning the bathroom, everything else can be quite therapeutic! Haha

  10. I have the hardest time hanging up clothes after washing. Not sure why, but I just hate that part of the chore.

  11. I hate cleaning the kitchen! The grease that gets around the stove, and I don’t even cook that much!

  12. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom. My cleaning tip is to finish one project before starting another.

  13. The kitchen is the worst, especially the stove/oven! I usually put it off till I absolutely have to.

  14. I really like the idea of keeping a lost and found and charging the kids something for retrieval!

  15. I hate cleaning toilets and carpets. Toilets are pretty self explanatory but I just hate lugging out the vacuum for carpets that just get gross again in a few days!

  16. I like using vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning my home. It’s safer to use than harsh chemicals and still kills germs.

  17. I find cleaning therapeutic and a great way to push me into that productive drive!

  18. I hate cleaning the bathroom. As for a tip, get a powered cleaning wand brush so you can clean while standing, rather than being on your hands and knees.

  19. I hate cleaning my kitchen the most. Dishes, the stove, the fridge, the floor, the counters, all just BLAH

  20. I detest the bathroom – always have always will! My tip is clean in small batches otherwise it will seem like a mountain, which will feel extra horrible and less likely to get done

  21. I use white vinegar on almost everything. The smell dissipates within minutes and I feel it cleans better than chemical laden cleaners.

  22. The kitchen because my wife hates to cook and she destroys the kitchen everyday to put an exclamtion point on this fact.

  23. I truly hate cleaning the bathroom. If I could pay someone to do just that part of the house I totally would!

  24. Speing cleaning is not a fave lol But I found if I tackle 1 room at a time instead of trying to do the whole house in a week or so its is easier and I feel a sense of accomplishment with each room

  25. I always clean as I go. I clean something everyday to keep the house continuously clean.

  26. I dislike cleaning my kitchen because it is the room that takes the longest to clean.

  27. I’ve given myself the treat of a housekeeper every 2 weeks. I will gladly give up something else to relax. 🙂

  28. Thank you for the giveaway. I use dryer sheets to wipe down the washer and dryer from dust, soap, etc. It is amazing how easy it comes off with a used dryer sheet!

  29. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Some tips for spring cleaning would have to be to take one room at a time and make sure your not to slow or else you will feel overwhelemed. Make a list of what you want down and get that list done.

  30. Cut the Spring cleaning project into manageable task as not to overwhelm yourself with the many activities that is involved.

  31. I hate cleaning the windows! I have shutters for all of my windows and cleaning the dust off of those is so tedious.

  32. I hate to clean the bathroom!! When I do spring or deep cleaning I tackle one room at a time.

  33. There are some really messy people that go to bathroom in our house and conveniently forget to clean up after themselves, so i would definitely say the bathroom is the worst and nastiest place to clean!

  34. I detest cleaning the tub and shower someone needs to invent something that does it for ya or makes it easier

  35. I always appreciate tips and hacks for cleaning! Especially tough grease and bathroom gunk.

  36. I hate cleaning bathrooms. I’ll take washing dishes over bathroom cleaning any time.

  37. I dont like cleaning the loo but I do it every two days and use this cleaning hack: Mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda with a cup of white wine vinegar and pour it into the toilet bowl. Let the mixture fix up and then sit in the bowl for a few minutes – 15 minutes is about right. Then give the bowl a scrub with the toilet brush and flush. You’ll be left with a good as new toilet bowl.

  38. So many great hacks! Even some that I haven’t ever known of. I would say I detest cleaning the bathrooms the most!

  39. I can’t stand cleaning the bathroom. It just grosses me out even though it’s never really dirty.

  40. The bathroom – but any spring cleaning is hard as it takes away from enjoying a great book outside in the sunshine! My tip – clean a little everyday to ease the job

  41. The bathroom is my worst fear, we have two the kids bathroom and ours, so its double torture for me, lol

  42. I detest cleaning my sons bathroom. It seems like it is the dirtiest room all the time!

  43. i really hate organizing clothes. I fluctuate in size so I can’t get rid of anything. I have to label my bins, winter big, winter small, summer big, summer small. So it makes it even harder to pack away clothing.

  44. I find cleaning the bathroom to be the worst especially when there is more than one to clean.

  45. I don’t like cleaning the bathroom, the floors, the tub the shower walls, shower doors.

  46. I am definitely not crazy about vacuuming. I vacuum over and over again, but it doesn’t do any good. The house just gets filthy again.

  47. It’s the bathroom! It’s always the bathroom that I hate cleaning. But once it’s done, I’m happy that I cleaned it. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  48. cleaning the bathroom is the worst and spring clean tip do one room at a time and throw away stuff you don’t use and organized things in bins for storage

  49. My shower enclosure goes all the way to the top of my vaulted ceiling. Cleaning it is a pain because I have to use a ladder. It’s the worst! Can’t wait till I can remodel that bathroom.

  50. I hate cleaning the kids’ rooms.It feels Sisyphean — five minutes after I finish, it’s chaos again.

  51. I have a hard time getting behind the toilet and other nooks and crannies in the bathrooms. They have to be kept clean and are sometimes a pain (in the back)!

  52. I hate cleaning the bathroom. I despise it. I like to use the magic eraser by Mr Clean, it helps a lot.

  53. I hate vacuuming the living room carpet. Our tired, old vacuum doesn’t do a very good job of sucking up the dirt but it’s very good at kicking up a dust storm.

  54. I don’t like dusting furniture. I’m one of those few people who like cleaning bathrooms. My Spring cleaning tip is to get rid of as much stuff as possible and keep things simple.

  55. I hate cleaning the bathroom and think that it is usually the grossed part of any day.

  56. I hate cleaning bathrooms. Cleaning toilets, showers and tubs are the worst.

  57. I hate cleaning the bathroom. After I get the tile all nice an clean, I apply Rain-X — repels the water and keeps the tile clean.

  58. The bathtub is the worst! I am convinced we are abnormally filthy every time I clean it.

  59. The bathroom. Spend 10 minutes a day doing what you hate and over time it will be totally clean and stay that way. 2 bathrooms for me is 20 minutes

  60. I like to do a 20 minute clean each day in different areas and it helps keep me from falling behind.

  61. If you’re having trouble starting cleaning, set a timer for 10 minutes and do all you can in that time frame.. you’d be surprised by how much can be accomplished!

  62. I detest cleaning my bathrooms. They are very small and it’s hard to get the floors

  63. I hate any vacuuming as I have two cats that are terrified of the vacuum cleaner. They are also the reason I need to vacuum as often as I should.

  64. I take all my glass light fixtures down and load the dishwasher same with any glass vases statues I pack the dishwasher full and run it. They come out so clean no water marks and then put them back up.

  65. I detest cleaning the bathroom. I’ve always felt this way. I also don’t like taking out the garbage. Thankfully my husband has that chore.

  66. I hate cleaning the garage during Spring Cleaning time. It becomes such a dumping grounds all year and when it is time to clean it, there is so much stuff!

  67. The Cat’s litter box area is hardest to clean, my dear old cat Fred misses his aim frequently.

  68. I loathe the bathroom, it’s a 3x a week cleaning for me because of the age of my children and my husband, (so much haiiiir) but my cleaning tips are start small and make sure you have what you need to do the job! Dollar tree is such a big help in that area, especially if you will be throwing out while cleaning. I think doing a room at a time is less stress

  69. i Have a hard time keeping my kitchen clean especially after 2 kids but were planning on doing some hardcore spring cleaning in a couple weeks

  70. Good tips. I find working from top to bottom is especially useful when vacuuming stairs. Otherwise stuff accumulates on the lower steps.

  71. I try to just clean and pick up after myself as I go about my day, so it’s less daunting to clean up later.

  72. What a great article as nothing beats a clean house! These hacks make it easy to keep a handle on things.

  73. I hate cleaning the downstairs of my home the most. A tip I have is to get the kids to help.

  74. I like to take everything out of drawers closets and get rid of stuff first.

  75. I detest cleaning windows but especially hate cleaning our basement/laundry room.

  76. I hate cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen. My best tip is to microwave a bowl of vinegar then wipe, for easy microwave cleaning. 🙂

  77. I literally ate cleaning the refrig and stove and it needs it the most because it is used the most often~

  78. I keep a really clean bathroom and it is one room that I don’t mind cleaning. My tip would be to set a timer for 15 minutes every day to do some cleaning.. It adds up!

  79. I absolutely hate cleaning the bathrooms in my house. I always feel like it’s so disgusting!

  80. Ugh – for some reason I can’t stand cleaning living room. It objectively isn’t as gross as cleaning the bathrooms or kitchen, but it annoys me far more for reasons I don’t understand.

  81. Can not stand keeping my shower stall clean, very defeating. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy for quick earth friendly zaps.

  82. Wash your shower walls to get rid of grime and soap. Move items from the wall and sweep/vacuum and wash the floor.

  83. My tip for a grimy shower, is to combine white vinegar and dawn liquid dish detergent in a spray bottle, and then spray that on your shower walls and tub to get out tough grime

  84. I hate cleaning the bathroom. It’s like the grossest place in the house living with boys.

  85. I try to keep on top of spring cleaning by doing one big chore each week throughout the year.

  86. I do not like cleaning the bathrooms! Thanks for the tip about using Rain-X on the shower doors.

  87. I hate cleaning the bathroom but for spring cleaning i give myself a list of what to clean every weekend. Like this weekend I’m cleaning out the fridge and under it.

  88. I hate to clean under and behind appliances. Oh, and windows. I hate cleaning windows.

  89. I detest cleaning the bathroom.It is also where the cat box is and is always a chore.

  90. It would my kids bathroom, seems like I do it more often then any other room.

  91. I hate cleaning my kitchen floor. It is white tile and is always dirty.
    My spring cleaning tip is for closets and that is take everything out and sort into piles keep, donate and throw away.

  92. Our kitchen probably needs the biggest cleaning. We tend to pile junk mail in corners, and the cabinets and pantry could be organized better.

  93. My spring cleaning tip is adding vinegar to your bucket. IT takes out grimes and odors better than anything.

  94. Its almost mother day and I would love to give this to my mother since its a really nice gift

  95. For some reason I just hate doing floors. I have been that way forever. I do spring clean, and I have already started. I love my outside porches and carport always swept.

  96. I despise cleaning the floors in my house, the entire house is all tile floors except the steps on the stairs ugh…..

  97. I really hate cleaning the kitchen and bathroom! I especially hate cleaning the stove, refrigerator and toilet. My spring cleaning tip is to use a microfiber cloth!! It does wonders with cleaning.

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