5 Christmas Present Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

5 Christmas Present Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022

Christmas is fast approaching! 

At the time of writing, Christmas is merely 9 weeks away, and before long, children start to draw up their Christmas lists in time for the big red bearded man to slide down the chimney. 

Whatever the age group of your children, here are five Christmas present ideas you won’t want to pass up on in your Christmas preparations.

  1. A Personalized Prezzie

If you want to give your child something a little more personal this festive season, you can rest assured that websites like Etsy have something for everyone.

Why not invest in a personalised Christmas Adventure storybook, or a new hoodie printed with their favourite movie quote, or a brand new school bag with their name emblazoned in glitter? 

The options are almost endless, and you’ll be supporting a small business!

5 Christmas Present Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022
  1. For the Great Outdoors

Although many parents are not so keen on buying outdoor presents until the warm weather returns, there are some that demand to be used with great enjoyment all year long.

If you have an energetic child who loves the outdoors, there is no greater present than a toy like a scooter. 

Many parents find that children quickly grow out of their scooters and bikes, but the Yvolution Y Fliker Scooter is a scooter that grows with your child as they age, with an adjustable height handlebar and an easily foldable frame that allows for the ultimate space-saving storage solution. 

  1. Making Memories

Many adults have some steadfast memories from fantastic day trips that they experienced as a child.

If you want to treat your child to a day out, many visitor attractions allow you to purchase gift tokens that can be redeemed in exchange for entry. 

This means you can still give your child a physical present to open, but you can also experience the joy of bonding with them by giving them an experience they won’t forget.

5 Christmas Present Ideas You Won’t Want to Miss in 2022
  1. A Celestial Keepsake

If you want to go the extra mile for a gift your child will remember and keep forever, there are few gifts more meaningful than naming a star in their honour.

You can go to websites like Star Name Registry to apply to have a star named after your child, and you will receive a certificate anda map showing you how to locate your star in the night sky. 

This is an excellent idea for an extra special gift, particularly if you have a child interested in space exploration, or enjoys looking through telescopes as a hobby.

  1. Traditional Toys

Sometimes going down the traditional route can be the way to go when shopping for children. 

Traditional toys like puppet theatres, rocking horses, a play kitchen, or a doll’s house can provide hours of entertainment. Better still, there are no batteries required!

Many toy shops still sell all of these toys, but if you want to add an extra special touch, why not look online to personalise or order a bespoke version according to your own design?

Do you have any unmissable Christmas present ideas? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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