Christmas in July

Christmas in July

The covid virus made 2020 a really tough year for all of us. We all had to adjust the way we do things from everyday activities like getting groceries, to how we celebrate holidays. I for one was particularly disappointed that we had to cancel Christmas last year. To make up for it, I plan on celebrating Christmas in July this year. Here’s a few ways to bring holiday spirit into your summer break.

One way to make up for covid Christmas with Christmas in July is to throw a holiday party. Invite all your friends and family over that you couldn’t have over in December. Ask people what activities or traditions they missed doing at Christmas so you can do them at your party. Do a gift exchange or white elephant. Bake desserts using friend’s and family’s old recipes, or sing Christmas carols together. You can also have guests wear their favorite ugly holiday sweater, just make sure to crank up the A/C and provide plenty of cold water for everyone. You may not want to break out the holiday decor for a Christmas party, and that’s just fine. Run to the dollar store and grab some streamers and balloons to decorate a palm tree or house plant with. Christmas in July doesn’t need to be expensive or stressful, just keep it fun and simple.

Another way to celebrate Christmas in July is to order your holiday cards. It may seem early, but it’s one less thing to do when the holidays roll around in December. Plus, it will be easier to find the summer vacation photos you want to use on your cards if you just took that vacation. I like to get my Christmas cards from Basic Invite. They have so many designs to choose from, and all of their cards are completely customizable. Their elegant Christmas cards and holiday cards for businesses are beautiful! Your friends and family will love seeing the beautiful holiday cards you design.

Finally, you can redo your 2020 Christmas by helping others in your community this month. We all know that the real meaning of the holidays is to look outward and do service for the people around you. It can be easy to lose sight of this during the holidays, so don’t lose sight of it now. Set up a day where you and your family clean up a local park, or get together with friends and volunteer at a homeless shelter. If you don’t think you can commit to a big project, decide to help someone in your neighborhood. Spend time with an elderly neighbor, or make dinner for the family next door. You can always find someone to help if you look hard enough. 

Even though last year was tough, we still have the opportunity to create new memories and have joy. Celebrate the Christmas you missed last year by throwing a party, buying holiday cards, and serving others. You’ll feel the joy of the holiday season for sure. Merry Christmas in July!   

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