Christmas Gifts for Adventurous Kids

With so many gifts to choose from this year, finding the perfect present to put under the tree can be quite a challenge. However, shopping for exciting gifts for little adventurers doesn’t have to be stressful. If you want to avoid the usual clichéd gifts this year and want to encourage your children to be more active in the New Year, here are five fantastic gifts for budding adventurers.

Warma Wetsuits 

One way to help your child stay active is to encourage them to find a hobby that they love. If your child loves the outdoors or simply wants to try something new, make their dreams come true at Christmas time with a kid’s wetsuit. A Warma wetsuit like the ones at Konfidence are perfect for protecting your child whether they want to try indoor surfing or body boarding.

Konfidence Wetsuit

A Slack Line Kit

A slack line kit is the perfect gift for adventurous kids. Simple, yet addictive, kids will love to master the techniques involved in order to conquer the slack line. All you have to do is anchor the slack line between two trees and watch as your children attempt to make it all of the way from one side to the other. This is great for parents who want a gift that is great value for money.

Gibbon Slacklines
Gibbon Slacklines

A Bow and Arrow

The release of the second Hunger Games film has ensured that the humble bow and arrow is back on the list of this year’s hottest Christmas gifts. There are a variety of options with some brands creating bows and arrows in different colours and materials that both boys and girls will love. Made of foam, this is the perfect gift for little adventurers that won’t break the bank. This is yet again another toy that encourages outdoor play and is a great way to coax youngsters outside and away from their computers.

A Survival Kit

Every adventurer needs a survival kit. You can buy your own canvas bag or customise an old bag that you don’t used anymore simply by sewing a red cross onto it. Fill it with plasters, a water bottle, survival books, string, mini first aid kit and emergency snacks. Make sure your little adventurer is ready for anything. The best thing about creating your own medic kit is you can tailor it to complement your own budget.

Survival Mini For Children
Survival Mini For Children

A Metal Detector

Could you think of a more exciting hobby than hunting for gold? Adventurers of all ages will love a child sized metal detector that can find coin sized treasure in your backyard.

So, there you have it, five fantastic gifts that little adventurers will love to receive this Christmas.

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