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It’s been an incredibly exciting month for me.  My wedding was this Saturday and you know what that means is next. . .

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage,
Then Comes Brooke With A Baby Carriage!

Okay, so maybe not in that order since we already have my two sons heading into this life together, but we have decided to start working on baby number three.  Even having a little bit of “experience” in this arena, it’s still a little nerve wracking to know you’re going to be responsible for growing a little human.  I learned a lot with my first two children (because your oldest is always the experiment child).  One of those things is that you have to start taking care of your body even before you find out that you’re expecting.

bump water

My doctor has advised with all three children to start taking folic acid and making sure I’m getting the right nutrients way ahead of time.  Bump Water was willing to send out a couple bottles of their vitamin water for me to try, so I had to jump on it.

I have the Cranberry Ginger and Lemonade flavors, both marked as “sparkle” water for their little bit of carbonation.  The cranberry ginger tasted good, but I’m just not big on cranberry anything.  The lemonade was definitely my favorite.

bump water lemonade

With my lunch, I poured myself a glass of the lemonade Bump Water.  Rather than put ice in it, I threw in some frozen strawberries.  (Side note: Try it, and eat the strawberries when you’re done.  Not only do you get the rest of the nutrition that way, but they also taste great after soaking up some of the lemon!)  These aren’t nearly as strong as a typical lemonade or a soda.  They taste a little closer to a fruit water.  There’s definitely only a hint of sweetness to them, so if you’re someone coming off of soda as your main beverage of choice, these are going to taste a lot like water at first.  Because I’ve already quit soda, I really liked the taste and didn’t mind that there wasn’t a ton of sugar in there.

bump water lemonade close up

What makes Bump Water great for pregnancy and women who are still trying to conceive is right here on the label.

bump water nutrition

Ask me to take my prenatal vitamins every day and I’ll laugh at you because I can make all sorts of promises, but I’m still going to miss some.  I hate taking pills.  There’s a quote from Bump Water’s page that’s so fitting:

“Isn’t there an easier way to get prenatal vitamins other than these huge horse pills that make us sick?”

That was the question that started it all and set four friends—one mom, one mom-to be, plus the two husbands who met while flying helicopters in the Navy—on a mission.

Their solution to that problem came out great.  These drinks are something I would have a great time drinking with lunch.  If you’re drinking the full bottle, these are giving 100% of the recommended daily value for:

  • Vitamin A
  • VitaminD
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • VitaminB12
  • Magnesium

As well as 10% of your calcium.  I loved seeing that they have biotin included since I’ve been taking a supplement for it over the last couple months.  You will still need your iron.  Especially if, like me, you’re already anemic before pregnancy.  Even for women who aren’t working on making a baby (yay for our superpower!) these still pack a serious amount of vitamins into something tasty.

If you want to check out Bump Water for yourself, you can purchase them right from their website.  It’s $28.99 for a pack of 12.  You can also get to know the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

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