Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween amidst the Pandemic in 2021

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween amidst the Pandemic in 2021

Halloween! Everyone’s favorite, who loves trick or treating scary costumes, realistic zombie makeups, and candy, loads of candies, amazing decorations, and a scary party with family and friends. Halloween is the perfect time to let loose our inner creativity while falling in love with crisp apple cider, chilly nights, and of course, a wide range of amazing costumes, including realistic dinosaur costumes.

Before you get carried away with the thoughts of approaching Halloween this year, we ought to remind you about a real-life boogeyman – Covid 19, the ongoing pandemic, which is lurking in every dark corner outside your house. Given the health risk factors, the American Department of Public Health had asked people to avoid social gatherings, door-to-door and car-to-car trick-or-treating. The underlying reason is that the maintenance of social distancing can be a bit difficult with door-to-door trick-or-treating.

That said, with the pandemic still wreaking havoc worldwide, it is better to be safe than sorry. We can expect loads of things to get back to normal. However, a careful stride is essential for ensuring zero transmission. Holidays usually make us less cautious as we lay our guards down. We have to accept that the only way to survive this pandemic is by staying low and letting go of social gatherings until everyone gets the vaccine.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween amidst the Pandemic in 2021

Halloween and Kids Excitement

Your kids might already be pestering you to get them the best costumes since Halloween is usually at the top of everyone’s “cannot-wait-list”. That said, you cannot just turn off the lights, lock the doors, and ask everyone to fall asleep and hope better for the next year. We have been through this once already, and now, we want to find a way to celebrate Halloween and let our kids have that fun too.

Nearly everyone is going through the dilemma of juggling fun ideas on finding the perfect solution for a perfect Halloween celebration this year. Lucky for you, we have come up with several creative tips on how you can celebrate Halloween this year without causing your kids and yourself any health issues.

Getting the Perfect Costumes

Realistic dinosaur costumes are amongst the top-trending Halloween costumes for 2021. Besides dinosaurs, martial arts ninjas and space cowgirls are on the lead. You might be social-distancing, but it doesn’t mean that you have to let go of all the fun.

Help your kids with choosing their favorite costumes this year. Encourage them to be as creative as they can, and even have them indulged with DIY projects. If you are thinking about coupling up, the Only Dinosaur costumes are trending on number one, which is also the top-searched costumes of all time. If you love costume changing, more than once on Halloween, you can try out Mario and Luigi or the Angel and Devil as a couple.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to put your pets on parade as well. If you all are dressing up as a T-rex family, your pet better have one of the cool realistic dinosaur costumes as well,  as these come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes. Trust us when we tell you that there is nothing cuter than a cat wrapped up in a dinosaur costume. If trick-or-treating was still allowed, your pet would have definitely earned awesome candy without having them required to play tricks.

Decorate BIG

Who said that pandemic holidays have to be boring? We believe that this Halloween is the perfect time to let loose and go massive in decorations. Remember that decorating the interior and exterior space of your house should be a fun activity. String up Halloween lights, go through all closets for scratching together old clothes to make scarecrows, if you want, get a fog machine.

Have a virtual pumpkin carving contest and ask your friends and family to participate. You might be hosting virtual Halloween parties from your homes. Therefore, don’t forget to make your background interesting by incorporating the best and most frightening Halloween decorations.

Game Up Indoors

While you are staying in the safety of your homes, make the most of it by gaming up. For instance, you could fill a bag with candy and hide it somewhere in your house. Blindfold your kids or turn off the lights while you ask your kids to search for the sweets in the creepy dark. You could also go in hunger games with toy weapons or make your kids go on a scavenger hunt by setting up numerous clues all around the house for your children to decipher.

If someone is trick-or-treating, and you happen to have an iron fence around your home, you can make trick-or-treating for the by-passers more interesting by dangling the treats from the fence. Trust us; the kids will have so much more fun at trick-or-treating. Also, everyone will remain safe from close contact.

Watch Scary Movies

With the ongoing pandemic, you won’t be visiting any haunted houses for now. However, you can set the frightening mood and make chills run down the spines of your kids and spouse by venturing on a movie scare-a-thon. With the Halloween-themed decorations hung all around the house, watching horror movies will add fun and horror to the holiday.

If you happen to have a large black surface and a projector, you can set up your mini-cinema at home. Grab some popcorn, everyone’s favorite, get yourself comfy, or huddle together, and start watching your favorite scary movies. The best thing about home-based movies is that you can select the show based on your family’s scare tolerance level.

If you want to invite your neighbors’ kids over, ensure that they maintain six-foot boundaries while they rustle while wearing their Halloween costumes, including the realistic dinosaur costumes.

Halloween is a fun way to dress up in amazing Only Dinosaur costumes, indulge in scary and thrilling decorations, and have fun while celebrating with family and friends. This Halloween, however, needs to be celebrated safely by avoiding social gatherings due to the ongoing pandemic. Stay safe and happy Halloween 2021!

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