How To Be A Calmer Parent

How To Be A Calmer Parent

Being a parent is a stressful job, there is no doubt about it. Parenting means having the responsibility for another life (perhaps more than one!), and that can feel overwhelming at times. Many parents worry that they are doing something wrong, or that they will make some kind of mistake, which can put added pressure onto them. This kind of stress can cause parents to be short-tempered, which can affect the children without anyone realizing. If you feel stressed and want to be a calmer parent, the following tips should help you.

How To Be A Calmer Parent

Step Back

If something goes wrong in life, which it will because there will always be ups and downs, then step away. Being up close to the problem, whether it is a financial worry, a relationship issue, a problem at work, or an issue at home, will only cause you to feel more stressed. If you can step back and look at the problem in a more objective, proactive way, then not only can you reduce your stress levels, but many times you will also come up with a solution too. You might work out exactly what you need to say to your boss, or who to contact regarding emergency water damage repairs, or even how to pay the bills successfully.

Taking the time to rest and regroup is the best thing for you, and for your children. They will gain a parent who is less stressed and more present, and you will gain the answers you are looking for.

Alone Time

Alone time is essential when you are a parent; you simply can’t be the only one there to take care of your children at all times, even if you think you should. Taking the time to be by yourself, even if it is only for half an hour or so, will allow you to relax and recharge. You will be a better parent if you take this time on your own to listen to some music, watch your favorite TV show, have a soak in the tub, or go for a walk than if you push on through the stress. You will certainly notice a big difference for the better when you go back to your children after taking a little (or a lot) of time out, and so will they.


Meditation is an excellent way to de-stress, and it can form part (or all) of your alone time ritual as well, so you can be doubly relaxed. It is especially useful if you find that you have a tendency to get angry with everyone for no real reason. Unfortunately, this snappy, short temper is definitely a symptom of stress, and meditation can help to reduce it, or even do away with it altogether. Meditation allows you to relax totally, and when you are finished, you will be happier, calmer, and your home will have an overall better atmosphere.

Meditation comes in different forms, so although it may take a little while to work out which form of meditation works best for you, you will find your favorite if you keep persevering.


If you can’t remember the last time you truly laughed out loud and enjoyed yourself, then it is time to bring that back into your life. Having a proper laugh is good for you as it has been shown to reduce stress levels quickly. This is partly down to the chemicals and hormones that are released when you laugh and have fun. These hormones reduce the amount of cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body and make you feel better and happier. Laughing also releases a lot of tension that you might have in your jaw and face (this is what causes stress headaches), and that will also make you feel better.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

If you have a special journal that you write in every day, it can help you to feel less stressed. A gratitude journal is one in which you take a little time to write down what made you feel grateful that day. Even if something seems negative, to begin with, if you can work out how you can be grateful for it, you will automatically feel more positive and less stressed.

The kind of journal can also be useful if you are feeling low or stressed and you read through it. Realizing just how much you have to be grateful for can often boost your mood and push you onwards feeling better and ready to tackle what the day has in store.

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