Expecting Mommies Deserve Bump Boxes This Holiday Season!


It seems like everyone has baby fever these days!  Many of my friends and family are either expecting, have little babies at home, or are trying to conceive.  We all know that new moms-to-be typically register for the must haves for their baby shower, but what about your friends who already have one or two children and are expecting another… or what about the expectant mother you want to purchase a gift for prior to her shower?

Bump Boxes are the perfect answer to these and many other gift giving opportunities for new moms either before or after baby.  With a line of pre made boxes ranging from $39.99 to $75.99, and covering pregnancy, birth, and beyond, the Bump Boxes promise is to Protect Mommies and their Bumps with only the best, safest, & natural products.  And NO SUBSCRIPTION is required!

We help moms & expecting moms take more of an active role in their baby’s health. Moms have enough to worry about! They shouldn’t have to worry about the potentially harmful chemicals in their day-to-day essentials. We offer safe pregnancy and baby products moms can TRUST. You can choose a bundle we designed or you can customize your own Bump Box.

Our Mission is to provide the safest possible products in the marketplace that actually work. We believe it should be simple when searching for safe and non-toxic products to use & we confirm, to the best of our knowledge, based on information from suppliers and manufacturing partners, that our products are completely safe to use. We’ve even made it easier for you by allowing you to see the certifications of individual products.

Since we are a few months into Baby #2, I decided to customize my own box.  I am going to call it the “Teething Box.”  After browsing the many products available on the site, I realized that I already had many of the baby and post baby mama products, but I was lacking in the teething department, which Baby #2 is already full throttle into.


I customized my box with an adorable teething necklace, safe for baby to gnaw away on while I hold him; a Cornelius Teething Toothbrush; “My Dentist’s Choice Teeth Tissues,” and my little “bonus” product was a Monkey Mat.  The Monkey Mat really has nothing to do with teething, but since we are always on the go, this was a perfect addition to my custom box, because the 5’x5′ mat folds up into a nifty zip up pouch, has weighted corners and has hooks to attach teething toys to for when baby is crawling around.



If you or a friend is having a rough beginning to pregnancy with the morning sickness, etc, try the “Be Well” box, with ginger lozenges, organic morning wellness tea, a sea-band morning sickness accupressure wristband, and other great morning sickness remedies.


Are you looking for a mom to be that will be breast-feeding her little one?  Try the “Be Nurturing” Bump Box, with organic tea, breast milk storage bags, soothing nipple cream, disposable breast pads and alcohol test strips.

There is a box for baby, a box for green cleaning products, and you can build your own box to fit your budget or goal for your gift to the new mom (or dad) to be.  Bump Boxes offer everything from Dad Essentials, to postpartum, to fertility essentials.  All of the products sold on Bump Boxes are meant to be the most natural products on the market that work.  The concept is to keep us and our children safe while providing the best possible products for the pre-during-and post-baby times.

Bump Boxes are the perfect gift to send to someone who may not live close by, at any stage of their pregnancy or beyond.  I have often struggled with what to get someone who is having a second or third child, or for one of my friends when they are struggling with morning sickness or breast feeding issues.  Bump Boxes have it all!

Order your pre made Bump Box or create a custom box for yourself or a friend here.

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