Bon Bon Cosmetics filled Easter basket for my little diva!

Easter gives me a chance to put together small things that peek my children’s interest and add them to a colorful basket or tub. Then on the morning of, bask in the glow of my success as they all scream with excitement and give kiss and hugs all around. This is just another one of my favorite moments as a parent.

My seven year old, Aryka whom is really coming into her own as a young lady, has become quite the fashion and beauty lover. She selects her own clothes, accessories and shoes. To be honest, she is become somewhat picky, but seems to have a fond love for lip gloss and nail polish. So this year I turned to Bon Bon Cosmetics to help me create the ideal little diva Easter Basket.

Bon Bon products are very well priced at around $1-$2 each. So recreating a back like as seen below (made by me) would keep you around $25 budget. Keep in mind though with this many products, I expect my daughter to be covered until at least the end of summer.


One thing I learned in my college days is that a small Bon Bon nail polish can cover 40+ nails. This equals four complete nail makeovers or two nail and two pedi. Another neat-o trick with Bon Bon is the mix and match effect. They offer a wide variety of colors and styles. So grab a solid and start with one coat. Then take one of their glitter polishes and add as the second coat to get a flashy new style. Just by changing it up a bit you can create 100s of different looks with 20 bottles or less.

Can’t wait to show our nail artwork off ~ coming soon!

Bon Bons Cosmetics

Bon Bonsbon stems from the French word meaning “good.”  Therefore, bon +  bon equals a doubly good treat!  Don Harkness has been in the business of cosmetic products for many years.  He founded Bari Cosmetics in 1981 with the Love My makeup brand and followed shortly after with Bon Bons, his second cosmetics company.  In 2000 he was quoted as saying, “If you’re not in teen, you’re not in the business.” (NACDS MOVES TO TEEN BEAT. Article from: WWD | June 30, 2000 | Brookman, Faye; Klepacki, Laura; Naughton, Julie | Copyright. He knew that it was imperative to market his cosmetic products to tweens and teens.  Bon Bons, the bite-size beauty essentials, were the perfect offering and so he expanded the product line.

Like its sister lines developed by Don Harkness, the cosmetics company always uses quality ingredients, but keeps the price affordable.  Bon Bons Cosmetics, as well as Love My andPure Ice, are available online at Bari Cosmetics and in-store at Wal-Mart and Walgreens stores nationwide.

Yummy Bon Bons beauty essentials include:

Bon Bons Nail Enamel by Bari Cosmetics comes in 31 amazing shades for every season. Bon Bons Nail Enamels are small and the perfect size for traveling or fixing a chipped manicure while on the go.

Bon Bons Emory Boards by Bari Cosmetics comes in 6 assorted colors and with an attached key ring that can be hooked on to anything!

Bon Bons Nail Clippers by Bari Cosmetics come in 6 assorted colors. All of the Bon Bons Nail Clippers come with key ring holders so you can have great nails, even on the go!

Bon Bons Spray Glitter by Bari Cosmetics comes in 3 colors that can be worn on your hair or body for a look that shines!

Available in:

  • Sugar Cookies (clear)
  • Golden Girl (yellow)
  • Candy Apple (pink)

Bon Bons Lip Juicers by Bari Cosmetics come in 14 flavors that leave lips with a wet shine. Bari Cosmetics uses quality ingredients that produce the best shine for your lips while mineral oil moisturizes.

Bon Bons lip gloss by Bari Cosmetics has a key chain attached that spells out the name of each lip gloss. This cute lip gloss can be attached anywhere while you’re on the go!

Bon Bons Lip Glitter by Bari Cosmetics comes in 3 delectable shades and provides instant shine and great moisture to your lips.

Bon Bons Conditioning Lip Balm by Bari Cosmetics comes in a compact tin that provides a subtle shine along with conditioning minerals.

Bon Bons Lava Lip Gloss by Bari Cosmetics comes in 5 shades. Bari Cosmetics’ non-sticky formula glides on perfectly and contains mineral oils that moisturize your lips while giving a high gloss look.

Bon Bons Eye Shadow by Bari Cosmetics slides on smooth and provides bold color with a little bit of glitter.

BonBons Eye Shadow Applicator comes in a pack of four that provides a smooth  application for all of  Bari Cosmetics eye shadow combinations!

Disclosure: I receive sample(s) free of charge from Bon Bon Cosmetics for purpose of testing and review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” Please view our disclosure policy if you have any questions. Mom to Bed by 8 is not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes.

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