Top 6 Best Theme Parks For Roller Coasters

Top 6 Best Theme Parks For Roller Coasters

When you think of family vacations, your mind will almost always go toward roller coasters.  While not everyone enjoys these thrilling rides, they still hold the highest popularity of vacation destinations and fun activities for family of all others out there.  While there are hundreds of various theme parks across the nation, we have picked what we feel are the best theme parks for roller coasters.  Not only will these have great options, but will have the ones that are either the most fun or the most thrilling to ride.

CedarPoint: This theme park and resort in Sandusky, Ohio makes it onto everyones list when it comes to roller coasters.  Not only is it a great family friendly theme park, it has some of the most loved roller coasters out there. This one offers great thrills for the adults and teens, but also has some low key family friendly rides that the youngsters will enjoy as well.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: No list is complete without including this famous Southern California destination. Not only is it chock full of amazing roller coasters unlike any other Six Flags location, it has great kid friendly themes and rides.  This one is often on the list for it’s famous Magic Mountain ride.

Top 6 Best Theme Parks For Roller Coasters

Busch Gardens Tampa: In one of the best cities to visit in Florida lies some amazing roller coasters.  While these may not be the tallest or fiercest, the overall feel of this park is roller coaster friendly.  It’s a great multi-level experience for the whole family with tons of great attractions outside the fun and thrilling coasters.

Knott’s Berry Farm: While the name sounds innocent, this fun little theme park packs a powerful punch.  Tons of great fun roller coasters to ride. While they aren’t as high on the thrill factor as say, Magic Mountain – they are great for starter roller coasters and for those who love the theme park experience.

Six Flags Over Texas:  With tons of coasters at every turn, this fun park outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area is a great place for many a family to visit. The classic Six Flags theme with tons of fun rides like the Batman coaster will bring out fans of characters and coasters alike.

Carowinds: This theme park in North Carolina was new on our radar.  While it has been around a long time, we just discovered how great the coasters are.  In fact, Carowinds touts some of the highest and steepest coasters around. Definitely perfect for the thrill seeker in your group.

No matter what theme park you plan to visit for your next vacation, keep in mind these great roller coasters and experiences.  If you have a family of adventurers a fun filled day riding to the top and plunging back down to the bottom is just what the doctor ordered for your family vacation.

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