The Best Small Businesses to Run from Your Own Home

The Best Small Businesses to Run from Your Own Home

If you have a backroom in your family home which is not being used for anything, why not start your own small business from it? There are many different types of businesses that can be run from a small office or room and could be perfect for generating a little extra income for your family. With the kids headed off to school, you may decide to open your own little entrepreneurial venture. Here are some ideas for the sorts of business you could have.


Once you have undertaken a course and received your full training, you could open your own beautician’s business. It is easy to get all the supplies you need, even high-quality eyelash extension supplies, so you can offer a range of treatments or specialize in a certain area. Whether you are collecting enough nail polishes for the perfect manicure in any color or eyelash extension supplies for the flutteriest of lashes, there is always something fabulous you can give your clients.


Are you particularly gifted with a needle and thread? Alterations and tailoring are as popular as ever. It is becoming increasingly common for someone to buy a piece of fashion from a high-street retailer and then take it to a tailor to make it fit perfectly. So many people find that clothes never fit them just right, and you could provide the ideal service to give them that little extra control you need.

Events Planning

If you are an expert at throwing together a party like no other, consider trying your hand at professional events planning. From fundraisers in your local community, to birthday parties, even all the way up to weddings and big family gatherings, there are always plenty of people looking for a little help with their events. If you have a big network of caterers and suppliers you can reach out to, this is a sign that this career might be for you. Start with a few local events and see if you have the gift of party-planning.


There are always students needing someone to give them a helping hand with their studies. Whether you are able to help with general problems like mathematics or literacy or you are able to provide something more specialised such as tutoring for a musical instrument, this could be a valid option for you. However, you must think carefully before you decide to tutor. Is it the right path for you? Teachers need a lot of understanding and patience and you should not decide to tutor someone simply because you are good at a certain subject.

These are just some of the businesses you could run from home. Whether you are searching for a new venture to earn a little extra money or just something you can commit to as a way of passing time, the right business is waiting for you. What would you start? Write up a draft of your first business plan today!

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  1. Tutoring and Events are one of the highest paying Small businesses one can engage in.

  2. It has always been a dream of mine to start my own business. These are great ideas for an at-home business!

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