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Dear family, friends, neighbors,

When you read this I hope you find this as a credible source as it is coming from me to you. If you do not know me I hope you will find your friend who has sent this to you credible also. Please read and pass this on …to everyone in your address book. I could get on Facebook, but I do not have an account as many of you well know:) As you all know Beef Products Inc.(BPI) is the company my husband works for. BPI is the company which produces Lean Finely Textured Beef or which recently has been give the name “pink slime”. ABC news and social media has attacked my husband’s company with false, distorted facts, and are not telling the complete truth. It may not look appealing like a steak, but it is 100% beef protein! It is very sad to see comments on blogs that are so false, and those false, misleading comments down the line become know as the “truth”. Lean finely textured beef is beef, it is safe; “it just has an image problem”. I was so proud as a mother and a registered nurse that school lunches were going to use this product; the school lunch hamburgers with BPI product are 95% lean. A hamburger in the school lunch program without BPI’s product is an 80% lean hamburger. My children were going to be eating a leaner, healthier hamburger!

Please take into account the meat and food science that this product is backed by. Technology has brought us from the large Apple computers, to bag phones to iphones. Technology has brought us equipment to better diagnose diseases, improved health interventions and improved the outcomes for healthcare patients. Technology has also brought food production that is safer, with less waste–these have all been based on science.

I am a mother of two redheaded children. My daugher is a spunky soon-to-be 13 year-old who is very wise and mature for her age as many friends will atest to. My son is a 7 year-old comedian who is always laughing and smiling and loves the dirt. We eat hamburger with BPIs product in it because we believe and know the product is safe. BPI produces approximately 800 million pounds of lean finely textured beef a year. That means that Lean Finely Textured Beef has been in more than 20 billion meals a year…never once being linked in a food recall. Think about that….20 billion meals! BPI has been producing this product for over 20 years.

Not once did ABC or Jamie Oliver step foot in one of BPI’s plants–I have. The media has exploited BPI to grasp the publics attention for ratings. Well, those ratings are going to cost 3000 people their jobs! It cannot get any more personal–my husband is one of those people! Isn’t it ironic that the main theme for the Presidential election is jobs and the economy?

Again, it is very sad and dishearting to watch reports, comments, and blogs posted that are off target and not based on science but instead, the “ick” factor! Watch these links below and educate yourself because you cannot count on other distorted sources. Again, I am not saying that lean finely textured beef is pretty, but we as consumers should value that animal protien, making hamburger safer, whatever texture it might have. Oh, it is not slimy either because it is 94% lean:) Fat is what makes meat slimey.

Food for thought: 800 million pounds/year has been removed from the market. How will we replace that 800 million pounds of nutritious protein and how will that affect the consumer? This will not only affect my family directly, but it will ultimately affect you as the consumer as well. $$$$

As a society we tend to like to voice our opinion only when we disagree with something–I am guilty of that. But we need those who agree with science and not emotion to speak up. Please call and tell them you want a choice in safer hamburger. Tell them you want your “pink slime” back:)!!

Walmart Corp–1-800-Walmart
Sam’s Corp– 1 888-746-7726
Burger King–(305) 378-3000

Love, Angela

This is just one of the many letters that are coming in from people, consumers, parents in support of BPI.

Get the facts, http://beefisbeef.com/.

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