Craft Tutorial: Balloon Valentine Card Craft

Balloon Valentine Card Craft

Our family loves to create! We enjoy making crafts and doing art together. This year my little girl wants to make her own Valentine’s for her friends and classmates. Together we came up with this really cute Valentine. And they are so easy, inexpensive and fun to make!

To make them you will need: a picture starring your little invisible balloon holding actor, flat wrapped candies, adhesive (I used Craft Glue Dots), embroidery thread or some other comparable string, a card and extra paper if you would like a mat and a precision knife.

  1. First, take the perfect picture! Have your child pretend to be lifted by balloons and catch all the action!
  2. Cut a small slit above and below your child’s hand in the picture.

  1. Guide three pieces of embroidery thread through the top slit, behind the hand and out the bottom slit. Make sure the long pieces of thread extend upward.

  1. Place Glue Dots (or other adhesive) on all corners of the back of the picture. Then secure the thread where it is visible also on the backside.

  1. Adhere the picture directly to the card or to the mat and then to the card.
  2. Attach the candies and include a witty saying inside. My little girl is very into rhyming things for the moment, so inside the card she will write: “Up, up and away! Happy Valentine’s Day!”


  • Instead of using individual candies, you could use a large, flat, balloon-like sucker.
  • Thin ribbon can be used instead of embroidery thread.
  • If you do not prefer to use candy, find large bright buttons and use them for the balloons.

Brought to you by Make sure you get your little one dressed for Valentine’s Day fun in some sweet baby clothes, tutus and baby headbands.

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