6 Tips for making your home sparkle without chemicals

Cleaning GirlTackling the mess in our home usually calls for the harshest cleaning products in our arsenal to complete the job. Why? Who really wants to spend a precious Saturday scrubbing the floors, unclogging the drain, and tending to those dog hairs in the carpet? The problem posed with using chemical based is that they present a myriad of health issues including skin irritation, fertility disorders and cancer, and are particularly problematic for those already suffering from asthma. If you’ve ever felt light headed after spending a good part of an hour with your head inside an oven with a superior cleaning product, then you’ve already felt the effects. As well as being damaging to your immune system, these cleansers seep their ways down the drain and into the water system, which in turn pollute the waterways. My mind automatically flashes back to a classic Simpson’s moment: think of the children! Luckily, you can save yourself some money, and help out the environment with these natural cleansers that will make your home sparkle!

Use Citrus To Slice the Grease

Have you ever noticed that store-bought cleaners are laced with hints of lemon or orange? The reason for this is because citrus is known to cut through grease. You can easily make a natural alternative that is just as powerful as the harsh products that leaves notes of fresh citrus around your home. Simply soak orange or lemon peels in clear vodka or vinegar for a couple of weeks, and mix it in with water when ready to use.

Vinegar Fixes Everything – Especially Your Windows

Vinegar is like a magical potion; it’s good for your health and even better for your home, with the ability to make your windows shine (bright like a diamond). The only weapons you need is warm water, white vinegar and a cloth.

Baking Soda ALSO Fixes Everything

Much like vinegar, baking soda is a miracle cleaner and is one of the natural products found in a lot of products. Mixed with water, it forms an alkaline texture that has the ability to cut through grease and dirt on virtually every surface. You can use it without the water as a scrubber for tough stains, or spray a little vinegar on the area for added power – this method is great for lifting red wine stains.

Have You Considered Creating a Volcano in Your Drain?

Who would have guessed? Baking soda and vinegar save the day once again. We all know that drains get clogged with whatever you are trying to force down them, so by pouring a quarter of a cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar down the drain, you’ll eradicate any build up latching onto the pipes. Note: Once the bubbling subsides, rinse with water.

Get Rid of that Funky Stench the Old Fashioned Way

There are plenty of perfumes on the market to mask any smells, however these products don’t necessarily eradicate it. To make a greener alternative, combine a teaspoon of cinnamon, and any other spices you fancy into a pot of boiling water. Leave it on the stove for a bit to let the spices waft around your home.

Rid Yourself of those Pesky Pests

Besides planting specific herbs like mint, and lemongrass around your home, there are only a few other ways of getting rid of bugs. For ants, you can combine apple cider vinegar, and dish soap into a shot glass – they will be attracted to the smell – or you can call on eco-friendly companies like Trusted Pest Management for problem pests, you can check out their options at http://www.trustedpestmanagement.com.au/.

Do you have any green cleaning tips? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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