6 Reasons To Get A Man Flowers

It is commonly known, that women love to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers just about any time of the year.  After your husband has given you floral arrangements for so long, have you ever stopped to wonder if he might enjoy getting an arrangement from you?  Contrary to popular belief, men enjoy receiving floral bouquets for special occasions.  According to a survey conducted by the Society Of American Florists, 60% of men said that they would like to receive flowers from their wives or girlfriends.  If the man in your life is of the majority, make sure that you reward him with his own masculine bouquet.  Instead of simply sending plants for traditional occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and birthdays, here are some unique occasions where you can show appreciation for the love of your life.

An apologyJust as men have sent a floral delivery as a way to say, “I’m sorry”, it’s a good way for women to do the same.  He may be so surprised at the gesture that he’ll forget why you were ever fighting in the first place.

A job well done.   Maybe your man was awarded with a promotion at work, or maybe he received an award for a special project that he completed.  Award him at home with a beautiful bouquet and a thoughtful card.  He’ll appreciate the extra attention.  Let him know that you are proud of his hard work.

Get well soonWhen your man is feeling under the weather, brighten his day by scheduling a flower delivery.   Vivid colors and wonderful scents may help to lighten the room and get him back on the road to recovery.  You can also pair the bouquet with his favorite candy.

BirthdayOften times, people get so caught up in life and work that they forget to take time for the little things.  Remind him that he’s special and a gift to the family by giving him a birthday bouquet.  Hide some tickets to his favorite sporting event in the plant.

Office ArrangementSitting in the same office everyday can get boring.  Give him a beautiful floral arrangement that will add life and ambiance to his office space.  You may want to choose a plant that does well with little water, like a succulent.  Make sure that it will look sophisticated and classy on his office desk.

Thinking of you Men appreciate knowing that you are thinking of them while they are away.  Whether he has gone away on a business trip, or he is spending a long day at the office, send him a special floral arrangement to let him know that you love him.

Although your man may not enjoy receiving a bouquet of pink roses delivered to his office, you can choose a masculine bouquet that will fit his unique personality.  By choosing the colors of flowers that match his favorite sports team, or displaying them in a manly vase or stein, you can give him an arrangement that will make his eyes light up.  Next time you are trying to think of a way to show your man that he’s appreciated and loved, send him a floral bouquet.

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