5 tips to love your body now.. no matter your size or shape

Love Thy Self

Take charge TODAY—YOU can love yourself, right now, right this minute! So many women say if only I was . . . . . Well NO MORE! Here are five tips to start loving yourself today!

First, stop and breathe! That’s right, breathe in your favorite scent—lavender, spice, cucumber—whatever your favorite fragrance is! Purchase a jar of your favorite oil and take a warm hot bubble bath!

Second, look in the mirror. Look into your own eyes, smile and tell yourself you love yourself!  I know, I know, it sounds crazy and it will feel funny the first few times you say it, but I promise you, after a week of repeating it OUT LOUD into the mirror, you will notice a difference!

Third, go get fitted for a new bra! The right bra can help you look 10 pounds thinner as well as help your posture. Knix’s discretely padded and comfy bra is definitely a winner!

Fourth, go for a walk. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine will make you feel better about yourself immediately!  30 minutes five times a week will make you look and feel amazing! Don’t have 30 minutes? Then break it up into two 15 minute walks or even three 10 minute walks!

Lastly, go get a manicure, pedicure or go to Ulta or Sephora and have your makeup done! Nothing can turn your day around like getting yourself pampered with a makeover or mani/pedi. Sephora and Ulta will usually do a free makeover.It is always fun to have them go a little on the wild side and do something that you normally wouldn’t do!

Now go make yourself a priority and love yourself today!

Becky ReeseAbout Becky Reese:

Armed with a mission to empower moms across the country to feel beautiful no matter what their size, mother-of-five Becky Reece founded Sexy Mom’s Running Club to help busy women make themselves a priority again, while still balancing career and family.

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