5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever

Disney World is one of the most celebrated family vacation destinations. Families seem to fall in love with the beautiful scenery and numerous attractions to explore. But with unlimited options for entertainment comes the possibility of becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. By following a Disney World tips, guest can optimize their trip and enjoy everything that is offered.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever - Stay at a Disney Resort

Tip #1 – Stay at a Disney resort.

All of Disney’s resorts are beautiful, creatively themed, and set up to give you the best Disney experience possible. There are many budget friendly options (less than $100 per night) and there are more lavish options as well. All resorts have resort style pools, family-friendly food courts and dining, and plenty of extra activities available. Most importantly, all resorts have transportation to and from the parks, shopping areas, and water parks.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever - Say, "Yes" to the Park Hopper tickets

Tip #2 – Say, “Yes” to the Park Hopper tickets.

Park Hopper Passes allow the guest to go to as many parks in one day as they would like. For instance, a family may want to start their day at the Animal Kingdom but they may also want to see the parade in the Magic Kingdom that same evening. Park hopper passes allow you to move from park to park and make your schedule based on certain events taking place.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever - Try Everything Out

Tip #3 – Try out everything.

Visit all of the parks. Try all of the rides. Visit Downtown Disney and explore the resorts.  There is something for everyone in Disney World and even attractions that seem geared toward kids are enjoyable for adults.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever - Be comfortable

Tip #4 – Be comfortable.

Wear the most comfortable shoes that you own. You will be doing a lot of walking and you don’t want to wear out your feet on the first day. Tennis shoes are always the best choice even if the temperature is hot. During fall and spring you should wear layers if you plan to be away from your hotel for most of the day. If you don’t have small children, try not to carry too much into the park. Stash keys and money in your pockets to avoid carrying purses or backpacks.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever - Think Like A Kid

Tip #5 – Think like a kid.

Disney World is all about letting go of your inhibitions and simply enjoying every moment. Ride the rides, buy some mouse ears, and eat a caramel apple on Main Street. Although having a loose schedule in mind can be helpful in visiting all of the attractions, the most important thing you can do is relax and enjoy. Disney World welcomes millions of guests annually so we know they are doing many things right. By following just a few rules, your family’s Disney vacation will create wonderful, lifelong memories.

5 Tips for the Best Disney World Vacation Ever
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  1. These are great tips especially #4. It rained and I didn’t have a raincoat or umbrella with me when we were in Disney World Hong Kong. I caught a cold and it was no fun!

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