5 of the most beautiful places to spend Christmas with your family

With summer leaving us behind, we all know that winter time is right around the corner. And with winter, comes the magical time of year that is Christmas! We all know that Christmas is one of the most romantic, joyous and beautiful times of year – and many of us around the world choose this time of year to jet away and take a vacation – especially families. And after all, why not? It’s during this time of year we can get away from it all, enjoy the company of the people we love, leave work behind us and experience some beautiful places around the world.

So where should you head to?

Well as I mentioned, there are some truly gorgeous places around the world – and Christmas time seems to bring out the beauty in just about any destination. But some cities and locations really come to life during this time of year, so keep reading for my top 5 Christmas locations…

1.       New York

All the iconic Christmas movies are based in NYC, and for good reason! The city is truly romantic during Christmas time – as all the beautiful romantic destinations get even prettier when they’re covered in snow! It’s a playground for children too – with the ice-skating, the toy stores and the general magic that just surrounds the place during this festive time. You can visit the giant Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree, you can ice-skate in central park, you can visit the Christmas musicals… it’s endless! So wrap up warm in your winter hat and enjoy!

2.       Munich

For an amazing, thoroughly European Christmas adventure, head off to Munich. The Christmas bells ring throughout the Alp Mountains and it really is something beautiful to behold. There is a stunning market too for you to wander around and really take in the culture and atmosphere, and your children will adore the traditional, the sparkling lights and Father Christmas of course! You could even grab a traditional Christmas dinner of roast Goose and potato dumplings!

3.        Boston

For old-world Christmas tradition and old-movie magic, then Boston is totally where you’ll want to spend Christmas time. The beautiful cobblestoned street are dusted with fresh snow, and the gorgeous New England Architecture is beyond romantic. There are the normal things to enjoy here – ice-skating, walks in the snow covered park, and log cabin pubs…. It’s perfection!

4.       Disney Land, Paris

Disney Land is always a world full of magic and surprise (and the kids will love it) but the place really comes alive during the festive period. You’ll be in awe at their amazing parades, the fireworks, and the themed shows and you’ll feel so festive it’s untrue! Head out of the theme park though and explore the city for a day too – as there is nothing quite so romantic and festive as Paris in the snow! Take the children up the Eiffel towers and watch as their little faces take in the city from such heights!

5.       Sydney, Australia

For something a little different – try jetting off to Sydney for Christmas and New Year. Aside from the phenomenal fireworks on New Year’s Eve – you’ll also get to spend Christmas day relaxing on a sandy white beach soaking up the sunshine. There’s nothing quite like it actually – and it’ll be a real experience (especially if it’s your first summer-Christmas).

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