4 Best Gifts for All Foodies

Are you are a foodie? Or maybe your good friend is one? Then this short little article is made just for you! I recently gathered a top five, my personal, best gift ideas for those people who just can’t live without food, cooking, and all the stuff about it. I hope these gifts will be great inspiration for you and an excellent chance to pamper your loved ones who love food. So – here they are – five best gifts for all foodies! Enjoy!

A mini garden of herbs of veggies makes an excellent foodie gift.

A mini garden of herbs of veggies

All food lovers would appreciate some nice, and natural herbs or small veggies in a cute little garden they can keep in their kitchen and use whenever they wish for. So this can be a perfect gift for sure because it won’t only be a nice way for the foodie to get his ingredients while cooking, but also a super unique and beautiful decor element in the kitchen! Imagine a small pot with cherry tomatoes on it –perfect, am I right?

So buy a cup or a few rare or super useful herbs or small vegetables in it and let foodie grow his ingredients. It will show your love to that person and let cooking be more special. You can even accessorize the pot or the mini garden in some fun way or just decorate it with some quotes or pictures. Just get creative!

Get creative when cooking veggies in the kitchen with kids.

Clothing – but no ordinary!

Clothing can be a tacky gift if presented wrong, but you can make it more special if you add more heart to it! You can gift some hilarious clothing that has some inside jokes and are food related I can bet it will be a perfect present for all. Or you look for some cute aprons, oven mittens, or just simple t-shirts with a fun quote on it. You friend can not only use a new pair of oven mittens or aprons (which tend to get dirty quickly) but also show his hobby then going out! Just look for a fun and unique way how your friend can express his love of cooking and it can turn out to be quite a blast to gift something like it.

DIY kits

Another gift idea for all foodies can be many different types of DIY kits. From making their butter to bread, everything goes if it is about food and your friend can learn how to make it from the scratch. Get a big jar and fill it with all ingredients necessary for that meal and put a receipt in it. For example, all the ingredients needed to make a brownie. Write down a receipt and add it to the jar. This way that person can not only get another chance to cook, but also learn new recipes too! So it is a win-win in many ways, and it will be a perfect treat for the person too.

Cookbooks are the perfect gift for all foodies.

A cooking book

Finally, a cooking book that is no ordinary can be a perfect gift as well. And even if your friend has thousands of such books at his home, you can make it much special if that book is rare or timeworn. Or it can even be a scrapbook of your most favorite receipts or the ones you, as a friend, love to eat with your friend. So just get creative and think outside of the box. Or you can also buy some very high-quality expensive books for gourmet cooking. You can find such books at Target, and since there are these pretty great Target online coupons, you can afford these extraordinary pieces a lot cheaper instantly.

So, did you get any ideas? Or maybe you have some other ones you would like to share? Do that in the comment section bellow and let’s all find a perfect gift for your perfect foodie!

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