3 Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life

Most people struggle when they are shopping for gifts for women.  Why?  Women tend to be pickier.  They also own more things and have different interests.  Therefore, when you are browsing the mall, it is hard to know if the perfume, purses, or necklaces for women will please them.  Fortunately, the following 3 gift ideas can help you search for the right present for all the women in your life, whether she is a significant other, friend, mother, grandmother, or sister.

photo credit: http://blog.chanluu.com/show-favorites/
photo credit: http://blog.chanluu.com/show-favorites/

1 – Jewelry

Another gift that is sure to please the ladies in your life is jewelry.  This is a fantastic gift to give to your girlfriends during the holiday season.  For example, a pair of earrings for women worn by the celebrities is a fun gift idea.  A lot of these pieces are inexpensive costume jewelry items that are trendy and fun – see more at Chanluu.com.  If a man is looking to show his love and affection, he might want to look for more expensive jewelry pieces.  A diamond necklace or a nice watch could be a great way to express his love for her during the holiday season.

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2 – Shoes

First, it is a known fact that all women love shoes.  Obviously, their tastes vary when it comes to the styles they choose.  However, it is easy to please her during the holiday season when you give her a nice pair of shoes.  This gift takes more thought than the basic gift card, but she will appreciate the effort.  First, you need to determine her shoe size.  Then, you need to figure out what type of shoes that would be best to give her.  Perhaps she would enjoy a pair of slippers to keep her feet warm during the cold winter season.  Maybe she would like athletic shoes to exercise in.  Or, she could just appreciate a pair of the latest trend in the shoe world.

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3 – Books

Furthermore, books are always a great gift idea during the holiday season.  They are nice to give to mothers and grandmothers.  You can present them with a few of your favorite books to read throughout the year or personalize a book for them.  Both are great gift options.  In fact, it is becoming more and more popular to personalize these books with photos and memories.  This creates a special keepsake for receiver of the gift and makes the holiday season even more memorable.  There are many different things that you can personalize into a book including the following:

  • Vacations
  • Weddings
  • Family reunions
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Holidays
  • Birthday celebrations
  • The life of someone who has passed on
  • Baptisms
  • Sports

Although it takes more time and effort to personalize these books, they will mean more to the receiver.

Hopefully, these 3 gift ideas will help you as you shop for the important women in your life.  After all, every woman should be remembered during the holiday season.

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