10 Great Places To Visit In St. Louis

When you are traveling through the Midwest there is one destination that is a must see for everyone. St. Louis, Missouri is known as the gateway to the West. Not only is it full of great American History, it is one of those cities where you find culture and fun at nearly every corner. While hard to narrow down to only a few, we have come up with 10 Great Places To Visit In St. Louis. Not only are these all exceptional locations that your family will love, they will bring a bit of history or culture to your travels.

10 Great Places To Visit In St Louis

10 Great Places To Visit In St. Louis

Gateway Arch. You cannot possibly go without including this landmark. Not only was it painstakingly built on the river, it has become an educational tool for generations. The engineering feats accomplished in the building of this museum and tourist attraction set the standard for many pieces of architecture for years to come.

Blueberry Hill. This lovely little restaurant is a perfect date night, fun evening our or escape from the doldrums. Classic Americana food with burgers, fries and shakes at the center, this restaurant is decorated with Classic Rock & Roll memorabilia. The Elvis Room is a popular spot to eat and enjoy great music, awesome staff and tasty food.

St. Louis Zoo. Every family needs to stop in at the zoo on their trip to St. Louis. In the great downtown area, this zoo has everything you expect and then some. Best part? It’s actually totally free to visit! Perfect for a fun family getaway.

The Muny. If you love live theater this is the premier place to go. Touted as the worlds’ largest and oldest outdoor theater, it is a spectacular evening any time you take in a play at The Muny.

St. Louis Science Center. This is a perfect outing for the whole family to have fun learning about things like dinosaurs and even how fast cars and animals can go. The planetarium and OMNIMAX theater make it a perfect destination for the science and outer space loving family.

Anheuser Busch Brewery Tours. Whether you drink beer or not, this is a great tour to take. Check out the facilities and learn the history behind the world famous brew.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Expect a long line year round at the two locations of this St. Louis classic custard. Dozens of flavors, candy combinations and treats that everyone will love. Enjoy some of the best frozen custard around while you chat with friends or take in the local scenery.

Busch Stadium. Whether you love the Cardinals or not doesn’t matter. This is one of the best stadiums you’ll ever visit and a great stopping point for the baseball or even softball loving family.

City Museum. This great local free museum is designed for hands on fun for the whole family. Slides, toys to crawl in and out of and tons of fun educational activities this is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon indoors and out of the elements.

Six Flags Over St. Louis. From roller coasters to water rides to outdoor concerts this is a theme park that provides everyone with a fun filled adventure.

No matter what your tastes are, St. Louis offers fun and culture for you. These 10 great places to visit in St. Louis are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many parks, museums, theaters and restaurants to suit any personality and taste. With culture and fun everywhere, St. Louis is a favorite weekend getaway or week long vacation destination.

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