ZIPZ Removable and Interchangeable Shoes Review & Giveaway

ZIPZ® are removable and interchangeable shoes, like nothing you’ve owned before! Match any ZIPZ® COVERS with any same size ZIPZ® SOULS to create one of-a-kind mix and match shoes. Visit our ZIPZ® COVERS gallery by zippin’ on over to the Shop ZIPZ® tab. Our shoes are handmade to ensure comfort, quality, and reliability. Invented in California, Designed in the U.S.


POLKA DOTZ : Complete Pair

The Polka Dotz pattern definitely shows the world you have a great sense of humor and a great sense of fashion! These kicks are sure to bring out the class clown in you!

What the momma thinks…

ZIPZ Shoes offers a creative way to change your look without having to store several pairs of shoes in the process. They have solved the issue of breaking in a new pair of shoes by allowing you to just change the covers. Odd you might be thinking and I admit, I thought so too at first. Then I realized how well this would work for storage and comfort in the long run.

Knowing that we are a large family (on a middle income budget), you can imagine or closet and storage space can be limited at times. Well most of the time anyway. In fact my daughters share the big room in the house and there is only one closet for the two of them. Clothing wise this works great since they are the same size but this is not so true for their shoes. One is a size 3 and one a 2 wide. That is a big difference and it can lead to a massive pile-up of mixed up shoes. With ZIPZ I can start with one complete pair and buy my size 3 daughter several covers that can be stored in her dresser drawer along size of her socks. This way she can have several options for shoe design and still have the comfort of her favorite pair as well.

In the end the design is really kinda genius. My only issue was with the teeth of the zipper itself. My daughter would get it stuck time and time again when she tried to take the covers off. I found that if you pull sightly outward when zipping the ZIPZ shoes around, it works well. This method keeps the zipper from snagging the cushion in the sole of the shoe. It took a few tries to figure this out but once I did, we have yet to have another issue.

ZIPZ Shoes offers a wide range of styles and designs. They offer Hi-Tops, Low-Tops, Zip-Ons, T-Strap and 2-Strap for men, women. kids and toddlers. Designs range from basic white, classic camp to the popular tatoo skull. ZIPZ Shoes has a lot to offer and we look forward to watching their company continue to grow in the fashion world.


ZIPZ Shoes is sending one Mom to Bed by 8 reader the style, sign and design of your choice!

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