XNSPY: A simple and affordable software to spy on cell phones

Cell phone spying is a real thing in U.S. nowadays. From our office desks to computers and portables, you get to see managers monitoring all of it. Similarly, there are many software to spy on cell phones available to parents, which can be installed on the electronic devices that kids use like smartphones and tablets. So if you have been thinking of getting a spy app, but you haven’t been able to decide one, this review about xnspy.com is just what you need for your starter pack.


XNSPY—compatibility, features and price

A few things to look at before buying any cell phone monitoring app includes compatibility and price/feature correlation.

  • Compatibility: Spying apps are available either as specialised units, working exclusively on a single OS, or they can come up as cross-platform apps. For an app like Numbie, it’s only available for iOS, but for Xnspy, it is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. The more mobile platforms that an app covers, the better it is, as it can be used for various reasons.
  • Price/features correlation: The other thing to look at is the price/features combination, and not just the price or features being considered separately. This correlation helps you decide the real value for money out of your spy app. For Xnspy, it starts at $8.33/month and goes up to $12.49/month (for the premium package). So whenever you compare price, do it in-relation to the features. Check out some of the features provided by XNSPY:
  • Phone logs spying: For basic level spying, XNSPY provides monitoring of all phone logs like calls (incoming, outgoing and missed calls), SMS, emails, web-surfing history, contacts and calendar entries. No matter how intricately we use our cell phones, these features of a phone can never go obsolete.
  • On-device multimedia access: Accessing files like photos, videos and audio off a phone’s storage is a vital feature. With XNSPY, you can also view those multimedia files that are deleted off a smartphone.
  • Remote control access: Some people want more than just a remote access to the content stored on a smartphone. And with Remote Control, you can get limited control over the monitored device that includes locking/unlocking a device and remote data wipe.
  • Access deleted logs: Not just for the multimedia, but the app can access every call, SMS, or any other phone logs that’s deleted off a smartphone.
  • GPS tracking: This is a very useful and much-needed feature for parents who want to keep tabs on their kids’ outdoor location. With this app, you can view real-time location or access location history logs for previous dates.
  • Instant Messenger tracking: The app can spy on call logs, chats and multimedia from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessages and Instagram.

spy on cell phones

A win-win situation

When it comes to something that can cover all your spying needs, Xnspy is a great choice. It can be used as a parental control and for employee monitoring. A big fat reason why this app should be on your list is because of its reliability, excellent customer support and powerful features. Also, it’s very affordable and probably the cheapest spying app available for Android or iOS.

What’s missing?

Though the app is great to use, it has one weak-link. The app can’t censor or filter individual items on a monitored smartphone. For example, if you want to block your kid’s access to WhatsApp or Facebook, it can’t do that. Instead, it will only allow you to lock your target user’s device, cutting of their complete access to the device. Well, it’s not a big deal though, because this software to spy on cell phones will do everything that any other high-end app can, but cost effectively.

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