How To Help A Friend Who Is Pregnant

Hearing that your best friend is pregnant is incredibly exciting and you will want to do everything that you can to help her along this special journey. If you have experienced pregnancy and they have not, there is no doubt that they will be looking to you for guidance and advice, and there will certainly be a lot that you can offer! This can also be a challenge and you will want to do everything in your power to be of assistance and be someone that they can rely on during those difficult days. Here are a few tips for helping out a friend who has recently found out that they are pregnant:

How To Help A Friend Who Is Pregnant

Show Support

The first thing to do is to show your support for your friend. As you will know, finding out that you are pregnant is an amazing feeling, but there are also a lot of feelings of stress, anxiety and just about every other emotion under the sun! Whether or not they currently have a support network around them, they will highly appreciate hearing that you will be available to help them through this challenging time (this is always much appreciated when it is someone that has previously gone through it, especially if it was recently).

Reserve Judgement

If you do not agree with a decision that they are making in regard to the baby or birth, then reserve your judgment and shield them from anyone that does not agree with them. This will be one of the biggest decisions that they have ever made and they will not appreciate anyone that questions or judges their decision. Additionally, do not dish out unsolicited advice unless you see them doing something potentially dangerous and harmful.

Make Regular Visits

Be sure to pop by to visit them regularly, and particularly towards the end of the pregnancy where they will not be able to go out as much as this is a period which can feel isolating. Socializing becomes more of a challenge during pregnancy so always make the effort to stop by even if it is just for a quick chat.

Help With The Little Things

Even small things like making lunch or cleaning the house can feel like a huge chore when you are pregnant. Lighten the load by helping out with the small day-to-day tasks so that they can relax and also make the important plans down the line.

Indulge (but in moderation)

There are many temptations and cravings that come with pregnancy and it can feel bad to indulge these by yourself. Help her to feel less guilty by indulging with her, and help her to understand that these cravings are perfectly natural and all part of the experience.

Stay Healthy

Although it is a good idea to indulge with her, you should also make sure that she stays active and eats well during her pregnancy. This is important both for her and the baby, but it can also be challenging during this period to stay active. Simply going for a long stroll once a week and encouraging her to take prenatal vitamin with folic acid can make a world of difference.

Attend Appointments

Attending various doctors appointments can be scary and no one should have to go by themselves. They may well have a partner or parent to go with them, but if not then offer to keep them company – it can be really helpful to have someone that has experienced pregnancy and been through all the prenatal appointments before to keep you company.

Find Classes

Providing support and day-to-day help is great, and they will find it extremely helpful, but it is also important that they receive support from experts in the form of birth classes. You may have a recommendation for your own pregnancy, but you can always find local ones online that will help with labor pain, prenatal care, hospital procedures, etc. If she does not have anyone to attend these classes with, you could also go along to provide support.

Baby Shower

One of the most important parts of pregnancy is the baby shower, and you will want to make sure that it is a special celebration. There is a lot to think about, including themes, food, drinks, games and gifts. There are lots of great baby shower theme ideas for girls and boys so take the time to look through a few of these and pick one out that you think that they will like.

Pick Out Supplies

One of the scariest parts of pregnancy is going to the store to buy supplies as it very quickly becomes overwhelming as you realize just how much you need and how expensive it can be. It can be much less stressful and more enjoyable if you have a friend alongside you, plus you will be able to make recommendations for certain products. If you are in a position to, offer to purchase one of the items as a gift as this is a nice gesture that they will greatly appreciate.

Be There For The Birth

When the time comes, make sure that you are there and helping in any way possible. This is the moment that everything has been leading to and, as you will know, there is no way to fully prepare yourself for the birth. This means that having someone there to support you all the way is invaluable and particularly if they do not have a large support network around them.

Hearing that your best friend is pregnant is a wonderful experience and especially if you have been through it before and they have not. You will need to be a rock for them over the next 9 months (and beyond!), but knowing how to show your support for them can be a challenge. The above are just a few ideas for helping your friend along this special journey and they are sure to highly appreciate your guidance and support through one of the more challenging but rewarding moments in life.

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