What type of burger are you?

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What type of burger are you?

  1. 1.     How spicy do you like your food?

a)     Make it as spicy as you can

b)     Um, a little kick is fine so long as my mouth isn’t on fire

c)      No, thank you


  1. 2.     When you cook, how complicated can the recipe be?

a)     I never really follow recipes; I throw in a little bit of this and some of that

b)     I need to follow the recipe down to every last word

c)      Cook?  Me?  Take-out please


  1. 3.     What is your ideal vacation?

a)     Trek in the rainforest

b)     Shopping trip in Paris

c)      Beachfront resort with an umbrella drink in hand


  1. 4.     You’ve had a long day.  What’s your go-to drink?

a)     Whiskey

b)     Vodka Tonic

c)      Pina Colada


  1. 5.     If you can live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

a)     Thailand

b)     New York City

c)      Bahamas


  1. 6.     What’s your fashion “must-have” on a Saturday night?

a)       Skinny jeans

b)       My iPhone 4s

c)        Fedora


  1. 7.     What is your dream job?

a)         A tour guide in an exotic country

b)         President

c)          Does winning the lottery count?


Most As

You’re an adventurer at heart.  You seek thrills and heart-pounding excitement.  Similarly, you like foods with an edge.  You crave not just a burger with everything on it but one that also gives you a kick, like one that comes with hot pepper sauce and jalapenos.


Mostly Bs

You’re very detailed oriented and like to take charge and be in control.  You prefer the city-life and everything that goes with it rather than being away from civilization.     When it comes to burgers, you prefer more of a savory burger.  You welcome the smells of sautéed onions and bacon on a cheeseburger with lettuce and a side of fries.


Mostly Cs

You enjoy the sweet pleasures of life and prefer a relaxing environment rather than then hustle and bustle of everyday life.  You enjoy fruity drinks to go along with your easy-breezy perspective.  For burgers, you’ll probably enjoy something Hawaiian-type with pineapples and teriyaki sauce to match that Sea Breeze cocktail you just ordered.

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