What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Feeding Your Cat?

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Feeding Your Cat?

Feeding a cat might seem easy — you just put the food in the bowl and give it to your cat. But are you giving your pet the right food and the right amount? Cats have different needs depending on their age and maybe some specific conditions. There are some common mistakes that many people make when it comes to feeding their furry friend. Keep reading to learn how to avoid them. 

Giving your cat too much food

Many pet owners do not correctly calculate the portion of food they need to give their cat or deliberately give them a bit more. Therefore obesity is actually a disease that is very often seen in cats. Some cats might not eat all of the food you are giving them at once, but most of them will finish the whole portion immediately. They don’t know precisely when they should stop eating because they have had enough. 

Giving your cat more food can lead to a lot of health conditions that you might not even notice for a while. Many pet owners are giving their cats wet food because it is very rich in nutritional elements but also because it is helping with keeping them hydrated. This is why it is crucial to know how much wet cat food per day your pet should receive. Don’t just open a whole can of 1kg and just put as much as you feel like in your cat bowl. 

In most cases, we are not making the mistake of how much food to give to our pet intentionally but just because we don’t know how to calculate it. This is why it is essential to check it either yourself or, even better, ask your vet. 

Giving your cat dry food

Dry food is great for cats, but you shouldn’t give them only dry food. As you probably know, domestic cats are descendants of desert felines. They changed a lot, but something remains the same – they are not getting as thirsty as dogs. This is why they often won’t be interested in the bowl of water you left for them. However, they will need more water when they eat only dry food. 

Cats are used to getting the water they need from their food. But with dry food, this is impossible. Kibbles usually have less than 10% of water, and the wet food, as the name suggests, has a lot more — more than 70%. So, if you will give your cat dry food, make sure your furry friend has access to fresh water, or you can wet the kibbles in a bit of water before giving it to them.

Letting your cat get dehydrated

As we mentioned, your cat will get the most of the water they need from their food, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t leave them a bowl with clear water all the time. Dehydration is a severe condition that is not easy to catch in cats because the signs are not noticeable. 

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Feeding Your Cat?

You should always keep a bowl of clear water or, even better, get a water fountain for your cat. Cats love moving water and having a fountain might make them more interested in drinking water. Other small tricks you can try are:

  • Put a bit of catnip in the water;
  • Put a couple of drops of chicken brought or tune source.

Trying to make your cat vegetarian/vegan

A vegetarian or vegan is possible for a human being if you take care of your health and avoid any nutrient deficiencies. But for cats, this is not a good idea. Your furry friend is a carnivore by nature, and trying to change this might actually be fatal. 

Cats need to eat meat to survive. One of the primary nutrients they need is the amino acid taurine, which they get from the meat. Without getting enough of this nutrient might lead to very grave health conditions that might be irreversible. So, better not try to change your cats’ nature and make them vegetarian or vegan.

Final words

Your furry friend’s health is so important and depends solely on you. As a pet owner, you will do your best to guarantee them a long and happy life. Food is a vital component, so you should make sure you give them the right food in the right amount. Avoiding the most common mistake is just the start. Make sure you consult with your vet if your cat has any special needs and to determine the best diet for them. After that, just enjoy having a healthy and happy best friend to cuddle. 

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