Ways To Use Palo Santo To Relax After A Hard Day + Aromatherapy Bundle Giveaway

Ways To Use Palo Santo To Relax After A Hard Day

The stress of work can attack us at home and prevent us from enjoying the evening to the fullest. The most common mistake that human beings make is that after work we cannot disconnect from business, and when we get home we continue to think about our work activities that we have to do the next day or the day we did today, which generates wear and tear and mental fatigue. 

Aromatherapy can be a great activity to do when you are stressed or tired, here are some tips to disconnect from everything that causes you to stress and relax your body and mind naturally and easily at home. 

You come home after an endless day and, once stretched out on the couch, it is impossible to take a real break. The file to finish, the meeting  to organize, prepare the food, hang the clothes, call the parents, give the children a bath… the list of things to do makes you anxious. However, relaxing for a few minutes allows you to recharge your batteries for the  night, rest better at night, and be in better shape the next day. 

Palo santo is known to be an excellent natural relaxant that helps fight stress and fatigue effectively and quickly. If you are going to use this sacred wood, it is good that you know that only the palo santo that has  died naturally in the forest is used, in this way the palo santo manifests its properties and we can take advantage of it, that is why before using an essential oil or some natural product made from this sacred tree, find out  where it comes from and acquire it from companies that work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way and above all that have reforestation programs. 

Discover some tips to successfully disconnect: 

Purify your home and eliminate the bad energies that surround you 

It is inevitable that our body does not accumulate bad energies during the day, even more so at work, where we get frustrated, we experience  stress, and we surround ourselves with many people. It is good that at  least once a month you do a deep cleaning of your home, I do it with Palo Santo powder, which its smoke helps to purify the air in my home  eliminating negative energies, It also works as a great air freshener natural since it eliminates bad odors, it is ideal for large and small areas. And very easy to use, just place a handful of palo santo powder in a censer and light it, let the smoke purify your room. 

EcuadorianHands Sustainable Harvested Palo Santo Incense Sticks for Smudging

For more personal use I use palo santo incense sticks, when I get  home from work I take out a palo santo incense stick from my wallet and 

light it, once it is on I spread its smoke over my body, to protect myself  and eliminate bad energies that I have accumulated during the day. 

Leave work at the office 

Before you go home, make sure you have completed all urgent tasks, and  if not, make a to-do list for the next day and leave it on your desk. It is impossible to relax properly if ideas about work keep cropping up at night. Office stress has no right to cross your doorstep. 

Relax in the water 

A hot bath or shower is very effective in relieving the stress of the day, relaxing muscles, and flushing out toxins. If you have a bathtub, add coarse salt and a few drops of Palo Santo essential oil to the water. And feel free to practice some breathing exercises to accentuate relaxation. If you do not have essential oil you can use natural soaps. In my case I use Palo Santo natural soaps that are made without chemicals and based on essential oils. 

EcuadorianHands Premium Palo Santo Glycerin Bar Soap

Set the mood 

Sometimes we can come home with a headache and with our spirits on the ground. What I usually do is lower the brightness of the room to send relaxation signals to the body, which is getting ready for bed. Feel free to  create a subdued atmosphere with essential oils and a scent diffuser and  dim the lights to relax. A musical soda and a hot drink will also help you relax. 

Within the range of essential oils that you can use to create a relaxing environment are: 

Turn off the phone 

Easier said (or written) than done, it’s true. But limiting the time spent in  front of the screens, especially at night, is essential to disconnect and find  sleep more easily. Try to get into the habit, except in an emergency, of  leaving your phone in the corner of the living room and not touching it  until the next morning. Social media and emails can wait…

Try aromatherapy 

The power of scents is powerful, and breathing in essential oils helps  calm the senses and mind. As mentioned above, Palo Santo is excellent for combating sleep onset disorders. You can use a diffuser to perfume your bedroom or pour a few drops on the corners of the pillow and duvet. 

If you don’t have an aroma diffuser, you can also create natural air fresheners with cotton. In my case, what I do is put cotton in a cloth bag  and put a few drops of palo santo essential oil mixed with lavender in  order to fall asleep. 

I hope these little tricks are useful to you and you can put them into practice in your daily life and you can rest from work stress. Remember that it is very important to separate the activities of work from those of  your home. 

Spend more time with your family, and work only working hours. If you know of another trick let me know in the comments, so we can all learn  and put it into practice at home.

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  1. I have not tried Palo Santo yet but I do love aromatherapy and I’m always looking for wonderful products that remind me of being in a spa.

  2. I had trouble sleeping awhile back because my mom was very ill so my husband bought me a lavender scented teddy bear. It worked like a charm. I still use it when I need it.

  3. This mother of 4 is so stressed right now and literally all this year. After a long hospital stay and battling COVID. I now am awaiting two more surgeries. I need to relax and unwind.

  4. I use lavender essential oil at night to help me sleep. I use peppermint essential oil for migraines.

  5. I haven’t used the palo santo brand but I do use aromatherapy oils often! Especially when I get headaches and don’t feel well.

  6. I love burning Palo Santo to help clear my space. I use aromatherapy daily because it helps me in many ways including lifting my mood.

  7. Would so appreciate winning palo santo bundle!
    Really noticing accumulative energies especially now that I am working remote (emf’s).
    From cleansing my space with the palo santo smoke to sampling this delightfully thorough bundle, I really would be able to utilize this!

  8. I have used palo santo for quite some time, I have it in many rooms of my home. I love the rich aroma.

  9. I use lavender essential oils when I have a headache. I rub the oil into my temples to give myself a massage. Works every time.

  10. I have never used Palo Santo, this is the first I have heard of them. I do have a diffuser that I use peppermint oil in, it helps me relax and I love the smell.

  11. I’ve never heard of Palo Santo before – thanks for sharing a new company with us! Yes, I’ve used aromatherapy before. Chamomile and lavender blended is great for calming me, and I like a citrus blend for energizing in the morning.

  12. The only aroma therapy I use is lavender at night, and only when I remember. I’d like to learn and use more of it.

  13. I have not used it, but my son loves baths. He uses epsom salts each time in the lavendar scent. Would love to try these aromatherapy choices.

  14. love the different aromatherapy oils, so many uses. Havent tried these products before but I’d like to try

  15. I use aromatherapy as a pick me up after a long day or for those much needed time to relax moments.

  16. I have never used their products but I’d love to try them. Always up for products that can help with relaxation.

  17. Yes I’ve use Palo Santo. I recommend, give it away whenever I can, to my clients & students friends because its one of the most powerful aura chakra entity remover protectors. We are all empaths, palo Santo does wonders for clearing out others energies we’ve picked up & don’t need. As a natural healer one of my main therapies is using aromatherapy & smudging with Palo Santo. Because they work!!! No side effects, fairly affordable. I also teach classes about it & share them whenever I can. Personally I’ve used essential oils to help heal everything, cleaning also lol. Ecspecially cancer, 2 brain strokes, death, depression, abuse and now Huntingtons disease a genetic disorder,friends with opiate addictictions PTSD, anxiety attacks, autism just to name a few. I can always feel peoples auras & chakras get lighter clearer, calmer & see there moods completely change. I am very grateful & always try to inform people about Palo Santo & aromatherapy. The scents remimd people of memories, past lives & of the healing so when they smell it, it reminds them of the healing with the oil’s. I also use aromatherapy with face, hand, foot, ear reflex points, offering energy healing, massage & tapping. I AM infinetly grateful for such a tremendous generous opportunity bless all of you for all you do bless & help so many become aware

  18. I have never used Palo Santo but do use Aromatherapy products. This is the first time hearing of this brand and their items sound amazing!

  19. I have never used their products but I need too. I have anxiety and I think it would help.

  20. i do not actively use aromatherapy now, though i really have considered it and would love to start!

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