Warning: Motherhood is Hard

I wish I could say that no one warned me about motherhood or that all this baby stuff was a surprise. Truthfully, it isn’t a surprise and we are told tales of previous experiences from our parents and friends. Of course hearing about 2am feedings is quite different than experiencing one. Sleepless nights, leaking boobs and the luck of a real bathroom break are nothing to joke about.

During my first pregnancy, I received many pieces of advice along with horror stories of other mother’s experiences. Being naive  I pushed the thoughts away. I was told to run the vacuum during naps. Sounds crazy, right? Why would I want to potentially wake the child that I just put down in hopes that I might get a short rest? Now I am forced to admit that more than half of those silly suggestions and wild tales were true and although grateful, all the advice I received barely prepared me for the real deal.

Naptime sitting up. Yes, it happens!
Naptime sitting up. Yes, it happens!

Learning the ropes of motherhood is wonderful, blissful but exhausting work. I am learning that I need to make time for myself. Taking advantage of naptime to read a book or surf the web has been sacred. During one of my surfing trips, I stumbled across littleme.com. They have the most adorable outfits for boys and girls. I’m always on the lookout for good deals or freebies and I found the Multiple Birth Program by Little Me. Although I do not have multiples, I thought I’d share the love.

Little Me knows that, expecting a multiple birth is a wonderful and stressful time in your life. They are offering a “Welcome to the World” gift after your children’s births. To receive your free gift, all you have to do is register. So, during your “mommy time” make sure you register to receive your gift!


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