Vintage Home Goods That Bring My Heart to Flutter

Vintage Home Goods That Bring My Heart to Flutter

A home should be a statement of your personality and lifestyle. While being a mom means my home is often filled with gadgets, toys and other childish things, a few rooms truly speak to the style I hold so dear to my heart, vintage. After all, celebrating the old and classy is just my thing. You can often find me rummaging through flea markets and antique shops finding new pieces to add to my growing collection of stylish history. Now with TRI Vintage, I have the ability to shop right from home.

TRI Vintage is a vintage, ethical fashion and sustainable sourced store where all the jewelry, home goods and clothing have a story and has been handmade by creators in different parts of the world. You can find a variety of goods with amazing value that aims to help less fortunate communities.

If you happen to live in or will be visiting Lafayette, Colorado, you definitely should stop by the TRI vintage brick and motar store. I know that sometimes seeing a piece in person is often easier when creating a vision for your space. Their shop has a uniquely older feel with a selection of vintage home goods that bring my heart to flutter. We just love this place!

Though, we did find that the authentic photos of physical stock in their online shop was surprisingly appealing. In fact, you can print off photos of the items you are considering and create a flat lay to help create the style you are looking for. As odd as it may sound, this is exactly what an interior designer would do when professionally selecting items for their client. Just click and create your own vintage look.

One look at the TRI Vintage Collection lead me straight for a set of Copper + Wood book ends that I just feel in love with. They were exactly what I was looking for to display a few of my well-loved books from the 1920s to 1960s. The stamped copper shows the age and maker skill of this piece. They are simple yet perfect for adding a bit of history to your bookself and at just $32, these were a steal!

The Cooper Mule Mug is a classic statement piece that has made a modern day comeback. You can find these in the kitchens of people from all walks of life and all income levels. It is one of those styles that remain classy and will make even the everyday mom like myself feel upper class. Not to mention they photo beautifully for the selfie loving crowd and those who adore taking photos of their food.

Lets talk dice! This hand-carved set contains 5 wooden dice and very cool larger dice container. We host family games nights at least twice a week in our home. One of our go-to games is ten thousand, a simple dice game of fives, ones and sets of three. It is great for teaching math to the younger crowd and will quickly find it’s way to being a favorite.

I have honestly never seen a pair of wooden dice before. So yes, I just had to have them. Upon arrival, I was surprised to find how light they are and when in use, they are extremely quiet. By far, my second favorite purchase so far from TRI. This wooden dice set is a set that would make a great gift idea too!

Last but not least, every traveler even those who never really leave needs a leather journal. I have owned many in my 30 something years and this will be my teenager’s first. She is an artist who doodles and sketches on everything from canvas to restaurant napkins. The leather journal from TRI Vintage is quality with thick pages, well cut marks and carries the back in the day feel. She loved the look and I believe will be the start of a very lovely beginning.

I cannot stop peeking online to see what new goodies have been added to the TRI Vintage website. I have my eye on a few brass pieces to add to my growing collection and a leather crossbody handbag that would be prefect for traveling. I am just in vintage overload and adore the history of older pieces. Who’s with me?

Use code “motherhood” for 20% off your order. Be sure to follow TRI Vintage on Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date stocking details.

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