5 Surprising Ways that Video Games are Good for Kids

5 Surprising Ways that Video Games are Good for Kids

If you have a kid who is an avid gamer, then chances are you have a constant battle of wills on your hands trying to get your child to engage in other activities. Often you will want to do anything that will get them away from their beloved screens. 

However, the next time you go to take a device off your child, it may be worth knowing that video games can actually be beneficial to kids. 

How? You ask. Keep reading to find out. 

1. They can help encourage reading

If you have a child who will do anything to avoid practicing their reading skills, then video games could actually be inadvertently helping them. From having to read text screen instructions to reading online reviews and visiting gaming forums, all these elements of video gaming are helping your child learn to read and improve their reading skills without them even realizing it. 

2. They can improve their social skills

Of course, nothing beats physically going out, meeting new people and making friends. However, for shy or socially anxious kids, video games can be a means for them to meet like-minded individuals and share a common interest. 

Gaming is popular with most kids, so if your child struggles to make friends, being knowledgeable about a particular game could be a great conversation starter. You could even throw them an epic birthday party on a Game Truck Atlanta; then they really would be the envy of all their friends.  

3. They can teach problem-solving skills

Most games have an endgame that players need to reach, navigating their way through a series of problems and puzzles to unlock a new level. These problem-solving skills can be transferred to their everyday lives and help them to negotiate, plan and try different tactics to achieve a specific goal. 

4. They can promote a healthy lifestyle

You may think that the exact opposite is true, but sports video games can actively encourage children, and boys, in particular, to get outside and try out new moves or plays that they have seen in a game. In fact, research shows that playing realistic sports games has a direct correlation with the amount of physical exercise and sports playing that kids partake in. 

5. They encourage healthy competition

In today’s society where participation is often seen as more important than actually winning, it is beneficial to have your child engage in a little bit of healthy competition, and where better to do so than in a video game?

Video games offer players a chance to compete with other gamers with the aim to win, be recognized and be given a sense of achievement. 

Although you should take steps as a parent to not let video games take over your child’s life, a set amount of gaming time may not be as bad for your kids as you once thought, so indulge them every once in a while. Just be sure to monitor what they are playing as well as looking out for any signs of addiction.

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