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Vampire lovers gather around as I have a plushy character that will make your undead womb bloom with delight. Vamplets or Baby Vampyres were the creation of artist G-Ra, who maternal instinct towards these diapered demons was so powerful that her team began to question if she herself was an actual vampire. While verdict is still out on that one; there is no denying their mass appeal that makes supernatural lovers such as myself rush to pre-order the newest additions to the Vamplets collection. This is a mere necessity in order to obtain one before they have disappeared and sell out they do quickly.


About Vamplets

Our mission: We are a small but dedicated group who are looking for suitable resting places for Vamplets, We have worked tirelessly to create a place for those of you who would dare to enjoy the undeadly embrace of your own baby Vampyre. We encourage you to explore the World Of Gloomvania, the shop and all they have to offer. Just a word of caution….we would suggest avoiding the department of Deportransmutation less you are considering joining the ranks of the “Undead”. Last not be fooled……. these sweet little babies are rotten to the core!

Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery
Vamplets: The Nightmare Nursery

I will tell you that I am a huge supernatural fan, vampires included. My obsession with their kind continues to grow along with the nation as TV shows, movies and thousands of books have continued to appear on the market. Now also being a mom, I enjoy cuddly things. Meshing the two only seems logical. We have all seem the extreme growth of toys in this market including dolls. So why not a plush animal? The solution – a well thought out product called the Vamplet.


The collection stems from online activities to books to attire and then ends with the deadly adorable plush collection Vamplets and Vampets. When our Rabid Rabbit appeared I was excited and surprised at the detailed care in ever accent and addition to the rabbit makeup. The all seeing eye in the center of the bun was the most interesting piece that most wouldn’t notice. Since it was crafted in a fuzzy style with a pink bow of it’s own, it is almost a look over piece. You have to step back an realize that: hey, that’s an eyeball there. Then you have one ripped out eye – sewn in the classic Frankenstein stick-up fashion. The second eye is where the rabid takes place, red rimmed and strain gouged. Then you have over shortly arms attached at the neck. All together it makes for a cutie nightmare. I just love it!



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