5 Unique Techniques to Teach Your Child to Love Math

5 Unique Techniques to Teach Your Child to Love Math

The importance of mathematics in our lives can never be underestimated. Not a lot of us realize that the things we learned in math classes in school are something that we use every day. Checking whether you were given the right change in the supermarket? That is arithmetic. Knowing your chances of you winning the lottery? That is the probability.

Because of the inevitability of the use of mathematics, parents must take it upon themselves to make sure that their children will love math. If you were not good at math growing up, this is the time for you to make up for it and not let your children fall into that trap.

5 Unique Techniques to Teach Your Child to Love Math

The following are five ways to teach your child to love math that you may not be applying right now in your parenting duty:

Be Progressive In Discussing Concepts

Just like any other skill or talent, loving math starts with easy topics and concepts. While this is basic knowledge for a lot of people, most parents can forget that their children do not have a background in this subject yet. Not explaining elementary math concepts can put unnecessary pressure on the child, which can result in them being indifferent about math.

You have to look at appreciation for math as a muscle. The most effective physical exercises are those that start with easy workouts. Apply this same principle to math. Start with the basics as these lay the foundation for every math problem or issue out there.

Utilize Games In Learning Math

One of the most effective ways to make children love Math is by designing activities in an interactive way. This can come in the form of puzzles and games. Kids love playing games as it brings out their competitive side.

Do not just settle for games that involve numbers only. Look for games that mix in concepts too like probabilities, analysis or logic.
You can also take this one step further by playing apps and mobile phone games that integrate mathematics into the mechanics. There is no shortage of apps like this that can be downloaded on your smartphone or computer.

Be Process-Oriented About Teaching Concepts

Do not be one of those parents who are so obsessed with getting the right answers. Of course, correct answers are important but remember what matters: the process. Your child must be able to understand how you can come up with the answer. Part of this is seeing them commit mistakes and correcting it to arrive at the correct answer.

Do not worry about speed at first too. Speed will eventually come when they have already learned about the concepts.

Discuss The Relevance Of Mathematical Concepts And Theories

It is essential for the children to know that the concepts and theories they are trying to learn have relevance in the context of the real world. This is so that they will be able to understand that they are not only doing it for school. As an example, explain to them why they need to know how to convert from one currency to another.

Be Positive When Talking About Math

How you talk about your own experiences with Math plays a principal role in making your child love Math. They should not hear you talk about your horrible grades in the past so that they will not internalize a fear of the subject.

As your children are growing up, they may realize that they Mathematics is a career option for them and the love for this field will contribute to that. Even if they do not end up being very good at it, they should at least be able to appreciate everything that is connected with Math.


Finding math interesting in early childhood might make life easy for your kids. So, look out for ways to teach your kids math and enjoy it very much. After all, an excellent base in mathematics can help your kids be whatever career they want to pursue in future. If you are particularly busy with your career and other things, just hire a math tutor for your kids so that they do well in math in their school.

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