Unique Presents For Unique People

Unique Presents For Unique People

You’re someone who likes to show their love and appreciation by buying the perfect gift and that can be hard. Some people are just naturally a lot more difficult to buy for than others and that makes choosing the right gift pretty complicated.

In this blog we take a look at some gift giving ideas that are as unique as the person you’re buying for, whether that’s a family member or close friend you’ll love our top four gifts for that special someone.

1 Spend Time and Just a Little Money

You want to show your bestie just how much you care, so why not do it by spending some quality time together. Yes, you may want to center that around an activity but make it something where you both still get to talk, such as an elegant afternoon tea at a hotel or a spa treatment.

If they’re the outdoors type, try out a new sport together or take the dog for a long walk, finding a favorite cafe, pub or restaurant along the way to stop for lunch. That time you spend together is irreplaceable and so rare among the hustle and bustle of daily life.

2 Take in a Show

How often do you get to see a Broadway show? The answer is probably not all that often, which makes this experience so magical for a lot of people.

Snap up tickets for your favorite broadway shows and give that special person an evening they won’t forget. Turn the night out into an event with a pre-show dinner and drinks and show them how important they are to you.

3 Bespoke Jewelry

This is probably ramping up the spend a little more but if you’re helping to celebrate a significant birthday or anniversary then finding just the right piece of jewelry can never be a bad choice.

You could shop for a standard piece or you could have something made especially for your loved one. Think about the stones they like. For a big birthday find out their birthstone and have a set of earrings made or a necklace that combines their stone with their initials or name. Something that shows you have really put some time and effort into that perfect piece of jewelry.

Unique Presents For Unique People

4 An Experience to Remember

We know you can buy experiences to suit everyone but most of them seem to center around adventure and thrill seeking. What if your special person is not into it? Well instead upgrade the experience and find a bespoke experience to share together. How about wine tasting, perfume making or spending time together at a yoga retreat? Calm and gentle options for those who don’t want to race cars or soar off in a hot air balloon.

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to presenting your friend or family member with that perfect gift. An afternoon spent together can be every bit as appreciated as an expensive piece of jewelry.

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