Unique Ideas for a ‘Date Night’

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is on our mind and specifically, how we can find new ways to celebrate each year. Valentine’s Day traditions usually call for a fancy restaurant dinner followed by a movie and while this can be great, creating your own special date night for each other can be far more fun and incredibly romantic since you can engage in something neither one has tried before. Here are some original date night ideas to try out.

My hubby and I on our last date night outing.
My hubby and I on our last date night outing.

Camp out

Whether you choose to travel far out of town to spend the night or simply camp out in your own backyard, camping can make for a playful and enchanting date. Trade stories, have midnight feasts or even a champagne toast – a camping date can compliment any romantic occasion whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday. Ideally, pick a clear crisp night or when you may know of a possible shooting star sighting in advance. Perfect.


A new take on the traditional romantic walk, a long hike can be a surprisingly romantic and rewarding way to spend time with your spouse. Getting exercise in the refreshing country air will release endorphins and managing steep hills and climbs will lead you to support and motivate each other (and hopefully have a laugh in the process!). As well as packing water bottles and hiking gear, you could also pack a snack and champagne picnic hamper and mat to enjoy at a secluded spot.

Dine in

Admittedly, staying home to have a romantic cooked meal isn’t one of the most exciting date ideas, but it can be if you add a twist. Before your meal, why not challenge each other to a game contest on the Wii console and shortly after dinner; surprise your loved one with a hired musician or band? Hearing the beautiful sound of violin strings outside your home will exceed any restaurant experience by far and give your partner a night to remember for many years to come.

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