Why Understanding Your Pregnancy Week By Week Is Important

Why Understanding Your Pregnancy Week By Week Is Important

There is a saying: knowledge is power. And let’s face it, from the moment that pregnancy test shows a plus and you know it’s positive, parents all around the world need as much power as they can get.

Parenthood is not for sissies. Being informed about your pregnancy week by week can give you amazing advantages to help you to expect like a boss. Yes, the list of symptoms that you might or might not experience may not be very encouraging, but when you know what to expect, you can prepare yourself for it, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Continue reading as we explore the advantages of understanding this amazing ride called pregnancy.

Stay Calm And Don’t Freak Out

Ladies, your body is going to do some amazing and freaky things and you need to know that a) it is going to happen and b) why it’s happening.

First Trimester

From weeks 3 to 12 you might see your body doing the following; your breasts become very tender, your nipples become darker, you experience an acne breakout like in your teenage years, you feel the heartburn creeping up on you, your veins become visible, you are constipated, you feel as though a train went over you and you just woke up from a 10 hour sleep, and as you wake up you are met with an overwhelming urge to vomit, and then you do vomit, your pants won’t fit anymore and all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position, pardon the pun, and cry because you feel so weird.

All or some of these things might happen to you because the pregnancy hormones coursing through your veins are causing these symptoms. Your body is pregnant and this is simply the way it responds. You might also want to see a vein specialist from Orlando Varicose Vein clinic if you notice that your veins feel warm, hard, or painful.

Second Trimester

From weeks 13 to 26 you might still have a few of the symptoms mentioned in the first trimester and some new ones may appear.

For most mothers, people can now see that you’re pregnant without you having to push out your belly. Usually, in the second trimester, nausea and vomiting stop. And that feeling like a train went over you starts to diminish. In fact, many mothers agree that the second trimester is packed with energy and they almost feel like their normal selves again, except for the baby bump. This is also when you feel that first kick!

Other symptoms you might experience now are; your breasts continue to get bigger, your nipples become even darker and a yellow fluid called colostrum might leak from them. You might get stretch marks as your body grows to accommodate your growing baby and on top of that, your belly might start itching. Some expectant mums experience leg cramps, especially when they sleep. You might notice that your back, hips, and pelvis ache and that your hands, ankles, and feet swell during this trimester. Your gums might start to bleed and yes your husband is not making it up – you are snoring due to the nasal congestion. Add a few urinary tract infections and that’s about it.

Third Trimester

From weeks 27 to 40 you need to start taking it easier. The tiredness from the first trimester might return and you might find it a bit more difficult to sleep due to your size. Your desire for sex might go through the roof and you might experience hemorrhoids. Tingling and numbness in the legs, hands, and arms might become more frequent due to the extra body mass pressing on your nerves. You might have shortness of breath due to your baby pressing on your lungs. Your breasts grow even more. Your baby moves a little less due to his/her home becoming very snug.

Now That You Know

Now that you know what to expect when you’re expecting, you can prepare accordingly. If you can’t sleep well, get a pregnancy cushion. If your belly itches, lather it with cream. When you feel out of breath, sit down and rest. And let your partner know what to expect when you’re expecting too. It will help them to understand that pregnancy really isn’t for sissies.

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