Shopping for the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Shopping for the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Shopping for the perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater can be a chore. There are so many themes, styles and places to shop from. Do you buy online or in-store? When is the best selection available – before Halloween, around Thanksgiving or right before Christmas? The questions maybe endless but in the end we found ourselves at

Ugly Christmas Sweater Trend

The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend kicked into high motion over the last few decades. It was a punch in the gut on Black Friday shopping and the goal of keep up with the Joneses. Which is at it’s peak during the holidays. After all even if you are cussing the world after nailing your hand to the roof along with the Christmas lights, you can still do it in festive style with one of these outrageous sweaters. It is kind of giving the holidays the middle finger with a smile on your face.

3D ugly Christmas Sweaters became so popular, they were on the Kelly and Michael show!!!

Others take the trend to a new level with the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. A fashion show of the best of the best of the worst the holidays have to offer. Pairing your favorite Ugly Christmas Sweater with a pair of hundred dollar slacks and your favorite stilettos is all the rage. Seriously, look it up. All the kids (coughs, adults) are doing it.

Shopping for the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

Us though, we just like being funny. It is the way our family makes it through everyday life. Take my thirteen year old daughter who has had a hell of last year with surgeries and tests that involve way to many needles to count. She broke out the Green Filthy Animal Sweater mid-October and proudly wore it like a badge down the middle school halls. For the next two months this girl will break out her collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters and will show her peers just how she does winter in Iowa. Steal my beating heart. This little lady (at 5’9″) has some holiday style.

Shopping for the Perfect Ugly Christmas Sweater

While the Rick and Morty Ugly Christmas Sweater selection didn’t make the cut for her, my husband and I have to have at least one. Maybe ten…. This toon has been our go-to for laughs and finding themed sweaters to bring in the holiday joy is just “Wubba lubba dub dub!”

Overall, we found the selection and quality products at to be the key to keeping us returning year after year. They offer everything from cute-flugy to downright dirty. You can even find pajamas and beanies to keep you in the spirit. The only thing missing was a kid sized collection. Maybe in coming years.

Do you participate in the Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition?

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