Tricks to be Happier At Home

Tricks to be Happier At Home

Happiness is a broad term that explains the experience of positive emotions, such as contentment, satisfaction and joy. As per a recent survey it has been found that being happy may have several benefits for your health. For instance, being happy endorses a healthy lifestyle and it may also assist fight anxiety, protect the heart, boost the immune system and lessen pain. Apart from this, it may even increase the life expectancy. It is important to keep in mind that our homes are an expansion of who we are and what we do within the houses shapes our frame of mind, affects our efficiency, and persuades our viewpoint on life. Mentioned below are some of the simple things that you can do in order to be happier at home

Get rid of mess from the living space

When you see mess and untidiness all over the place you will automatically feel miserable. Clutter can attack you with too many stimuli as it signals to the brain that work is not done, and it makes you nervous and creates feelings of guiltiness. None of this is favorable to happiness. Thus, in order to increase your happiness at home you should think of getting rid of mess and clutter. It is important that you store everything in the right place and arrange all the items in such a way that everything can be seen at a glimpse. In addition throw away the things that are no more needed as this will help in making the place organized.

Show your personality

When deciding how a room should appear, make sure your house aligns with your character as this is the key to feeling happy in your space. Individuals who are outgoing get a real charge out of the world around them, so they can like a rich environment. On the other hand, individuals who are shy have a richer inner world so they should have a more cautiously curated space. Remember that bolder colors and patterns may arouse outgoing persons but overpower shy people. On the other hand a more relaxing set-up is ideal for the introverts.

Add plants, trees and flowers to bring in positive energy

It is a proven fact that plants, indoor landscaping plants and flowers bring in positive energy and thus can promote physical and mental well-being of a person and keep them happy. Plants are not only for beautification purposes as they make our lives lively just by being in the space with us, whether gathered together in corners, bunched on window sills or perched in baskets from ceilings. Their existence is curative and adds texture and color to otherwise unresponsive indoor spaces. In fact research shows plants help people to refocus their energy and manage stress in a better manner. But these days, taking care of the real plants has become a real challenge for most of the people primarily because they do not have time. But there is an alternate option available by using which you can get the same advantage and you also do not need to take care of them.  For instance artificial plants and trees such as tropical artificial plants are great in making the environment feel lively and happy. Plants like artificial spiral topiary trees can be used to décor the lobby as well as the drawing area of the home.

Display Items That Bring Back Happy Memories

By displaying items around your house that bring back joyful memories, you will be stretching out the contentment cycle of your experiences. Every time that you catch a sight of that photo of your family enjoying at a picnic, you will get a little jerk of contentment from the memory of those happy times. You can also display trophies and gifts that you have received or any of your family members has received after performing well as these are the things that make you feel happy.

Create a calming space

Make a special space in your house where you can go to get a peace of mind and feel happy and contended. It does not have to be an entire room for instance it can be a craft or knitting space, a reading corner, or even a home spa in the bathroom. To create a calming space you should use bright but muted colors such as green, spongy textures such as flannel, curved pattern wall panels and objects instead of straight lines, and warm light. You can also place tropical silk plants in these areas as they impart a calming look. Avoid colors like cherry red as they can impart stress and anxiety.

Expend money on things that nurture experiences at home

It is essential to bear in mind that human beings are pro-social beings, so your home should also be a destination where you feel at ease welcoming friends and relatives over. For instance, you can save money in order to buy a new sandwich maker for your family or invest your money to buy a new DVD so that your entire family can enjoy watching a movie together. This will encourage you to have people over at your place and to stay amused. You can even plan for a party or a dinner and invite your best friends, relatives and neighbors. This is a great way to feel relaxed and happy and forget the worries of your life. In addition, make sure your rooms are arranged for easy socializing. All these simple things when applied can make your home look and feel more social and inviting.


Some people suppose that happiness is mostly a matter of inherited temperament. Even though it is true that heredity plays a big role, but research says that at least 40 percent of your happiness level is in your control. If you take time to reflect, and make mindful steps then it will certainly help you to lead a happy life happier. So you can use these above-mentioned tips and stay happy and energized in your home throughout your life.

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