Craving Adventure? 4 Steps to Take Before Traveling Long-Term

Craving Adventure? 4 Steps to Take Before Traveling Long-Term

Traveling long term appeals to the wanderlust in nearly everyone. Once the planning begins and travel lists are compiled reality rears its ugly head. Whether traveling within the United States or abroad, there are some very practical matters to address sooner rather than later. Here are some reminders to consider while planning your great adventure.

Craving Adventure? 4 Steps to Take Before Traveling Long-Term

Talk to Your Doctor & Have a Backup Plan for Prescription Drugs

Undoubtedly, you are in peak physical condition and have no concerns about your health. Regardless, as a shrewd traveler you are aware that meeting with your physician before commencing on your trip. Specifically, tell your doctor where you plan to travel to address any required vaccines. Your doctor may know about health concerns, such as certain parasites, that may be associated with certain regions or countries.

Prescriptions drugs may present challenges when traveling out of the country. Ask your doctor for written prescriptions so you have documents to provide upon request if necessary. Also, a visit to your dentist is in order, as the last thing you want to encounter on your trip is a painful toothache.

Minimize Your Possessions

Admittedly, most people are attached to the possessions they have acquired. When it comes time to travel your possessions should be down to the minimal amount you can fit in your self-storage facility. That will entail making some tough choices and detaching yourself from many things you own. Sell any items easily replaced and donate those things that do not sell.

Any possessions you cannot bear to part with permanently need to go to storage in a secure facility. Rental insurance is available for your stored items.

Update & Copy Your Passport, Visa, or Driver’s License

Your passport or visa must be up to date if your plans take you out of the country. Check the expiration date on your driver’s license so you can renew it in advance if it will expire while you are traveling. Travel advisors recommend making copies of these and other important documents and keep them separate from your documents.

Notify Your Bank, Credit Card Company & the USPS About Your Plans

Any plans you have to use your bankcard or credit card while traveling might be interrupted if you do not notify the bank or credit card company of your plans. Smart chips placed in most cards provide a high level of security so it is safer to rely on your cards when traveling.

Notification might not be required, however, let your bank or credit card company know where you plan to travel. Most credit cards offer free emergency travel assistance to their cardholders. This includes legal assistance in the unlikely event you need it. One caveat is that this coverage does not apply to certain countries on the United States State Department’s list of sanctioned locations.

Notify the U.S. Postal Service of address changes, plans to hold mail, or any forwarding services you may require.

Following these reminders allows you advance notice if any problems exist. Once the date arrives to leave on your trip all preparations will pay off, offering you peace of mind during your travels.

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