The 5 Most Amazing Train Rides of India

Darjeeling Himalayan Rail Road

Train journeys can be tiring for some, but if the train is passing through some of the most picturesque roots, the same journey can become the most memorable for the rest of your life. If you love nature and appreciates its beauty, some of the train journeys with IRCTC train can offer a life-changing experience for you. From beautiful views across the green pastures to the breath-taking waterfalls and the Himalayan view you have it all. Here we have itemized some of the most beautiful train rides across India that will leave you awestruck with its scenic beauty.

Darjeeling Himalayan Rail Road

Darjeeling Himalayan Rail Road

The railroad in Darjeeling is popularly known as the toy train which started off in the year 1881. It was granted the World Heritage site status by UNESCO in the year 1999. This was an honor only offered to the Shimmering of Austria before this and now belongs to the IRCTC train. It travels a distance of 78 km that covers the magnificent Himalayan range, a glimpse of the mighty Kanchenjunga, the beautiful forests, rivulets, and tea gardens make it the most fantastic train rides in India.

Jammu to Udhampur (Kashmir Valley)

If you are looking for some summer and winter adventure with extreme climate conditions, this could be your favorite route in no time. With 20 significant tunnels on the way, 158 bridges and an adverse region, this route undoubtedly provides you with one of the most exhilarating train riding experiences in India. The bridges offer some of the most beautiful views of valleys and rivers along the Shivalik Mountain Ranges.

Kalka to Shimla

If you are taking the Kalka to Shimla route via IRCTC train, then you must take the heritage railway that holds a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of World Records for traveling up the steepest altitude in the area of 96 km. Along with this distance, it covers some of the magnificent views of the Himalayan hills and valleys with a never-ending thrill along the narrow-gauge railroad. You pass through 102 tunnels, 919 curves, and 864 bridges along this distance that includes a sharp bend at 48 degrees. You enjoy the perks of fresh air along the Shivalik Mountain range and the mesmerizing view of the oaks, pines and the maple trees making it a memorable journey for life.

Hubli-Madgaon-Vasco da Gama route

The Western Ghats offers some splendid scenic beauty and to experience the magic you must take this train ride. From the unique beauty of the Dudhsagar waterfalls to the bright pink flowers hanging across your train window is a sight not to miss. This is a perfect train ride to Goa with friends and family while you experience the Goan village life as you pass through. However, the Dudhsagar falls is definitely the main attraction that will keep you seated with your eyes wide open as you experience the milky water flowing down the mountains from a height of 310 meters. This makes the water look milky and foamy offering that overwhelming view as the train comes nearer.

Jaipur – Jaisalmer route

If you have already had enough of the mountains, rivers, waterfalls and the greenery, your next destination can be easily the Jaipur -Jaisalmer route via the IRCTC train. As the train passes through the desert, the dots of camels, the beautiful villages, and the habitats make a perfect picturesque view. You can ideally experience the crux of Rajasthan in that one long trip displaying the cute little huts made of marked red bricks, camel herds, the rural lifestyle and offering the feel of the hot burning desert.

Whether you choose the lush mountains, the milky waterfalls, the green pastures, or the hot and dry desert, you are bound to acquire the best train riding experience of your life along these routes. So, book your ride today and have fun travelling!

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