Top 5 Gifts of Grade School Girls

It is that time again and my girls near their next birthday. For me gift giving is always stressful, I never know what to buy. Even my own children cause me grief with mind changes, broken toys and even the dreaded frown from the gift of clothing. At this point I have had 18 years in experience and have learned a few tips along the way. Here are a few of my ole’ time favorite that always seem to get the biggest smile effect even with my very gadget-loving, modernized children.

1. Lego Sets – This is one of the few toys that have survived the test of time in my home. To this day from my oldest to my youngest, they still come together to build the biggest and best constitutions around. Of course it is no Hogwarts but I am always impressed with their determination and drive with each use.


2. Pets – Depending on your level of acceptance a pet can be one of the best gifts you can give a child. Of course the type depends on your home, their age and temperament and your ability to care for the pet when they cannot or just forget to. For younger girls I suggest a fish or even a rabbit. For older, young ladies a feline or puppy maybe just what she needs. Pets can teach responsibility and love; two of the most important qualities a person can have. Just consider all aspects of life before purchasing her a lifetime friend.

3. Movie Tickets – People of all ages can be found flocking to the local theater for the next big blockbuster. Purchasing advance tickets or a gift card to the next show will always be welcome with open arms. This is also an amazing way to spend time with your children, one on one.

4. Gift Cards – I know; I was one of those who turned my nose up at giving a 6 year old a gift card to Target. However I learned quickly though that even if they provide you a wish list 72 hours before the party, by the day of half that list will change. Never fails and we have to make a return. So why not give the gift that will allow them to make their own choices in the moment.

What other gifts for girls do you suggest?

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