Top 11 Awesome College Send Off Party Ideas

Top 11 Awesome College Send Off Party Ideas

Every end marks the beginning of a new thing. There are several times in life when you will bid goodbye to one chapter in your life and welcome a new chapter. The best way to mark this special time in your life is by holding a send-off party. A college send-off party is celebrated to say goodbye to your friends while stepping into the new realm of life. Here are some college send-off party ideas to try.

1. Throw a Packing Party

If your friend is going off to college or you are the one going, you can arrange for a packing party as it’s a great send-off idea. Sometimes one of the best ways to show up is to take some stress out of someone by helping them pack for their college move. If your friend is going off to college, organize a party in their apartment where everyone will come to help them pack, clean out their garage and help donate any unwanted item to charity.

2. Hold a College-Themed Party

If your friend is going off to college, you can throw them a going away party that will be themed to match the new college. You can decorate the venue with sports jerseys, school logos, or other recognizable items for the new college. The party will make them feel more excited about going to college as they will know you support them with their decision. You can hang custom flags from the college to attend to show pride in the school.

3. Throw a Camping Party

Outdoor events such as camping are a great way to surprise someone with one last trip to their best camping spot before going to college. You can gather a group of friends to hold the party with. Enjoy a trip to a cozy cabin in the woods or gather around a campfire while sharing your favorite moments.

4. Masquerade Party

A mysterious masquerade party is excellent for a college farewell party as all people will need is a mask. They can combine the mask with any costume and unlock the guest’s creative side. It is easy to find masks; therefore, you do not need to worry about the requisite mystery. Before the party, you can hire a DJ to play the right tunes based on the theme.

5. Color Theme

You can pick a single color and use it for the entire party or use a combination of colors as the party theme. The colors you choose should complement the invitations, décor, and food at the party. The guest should also follow the dress code based on the party’s color and grace the party in style. Selecting a uniform color will make the party enjoyable.

7. All-But-Clothes Party

An all-but-clothes party is a great college send-off party theme. The theme does not mean that people will not be wearing clothes. Instead, the guests should wear costumes and be creative with their dresses. An all-but-clothes party is a unique way of sending someone off to college.

8. Costume party

It does not matter whether it’s the Halloween season or not. You can still hold a Costume-themed party as a college send-off. This is one of the best party themes you can use for hosting the best party in town. You can link the costumes, décor, and gifts to a single unified theme.

9. Picnic Party

Some people don’t like huge events. If your friend is one of those people, you can hold for them a picnic party. The party can be held in your backyard or a park. A picnic party can be fancy or simple, but they are usually simple with just a bottle of champagne and some snacks.

10. Casino Night Out

A casino night out is a fun way of getting together with friends or sending someone to college if they love casinos. The night will always remind the person of the beautiful memories back at home. At casinos, you will get yummy cocktails and snacks. This is an excellent way of making some money while enjoying great times with friends.

11. Slumber party

You can have one big slumber party with your girls before going to college. You can watch a favorite show, have a few drinks, or cook some food together as you enjoy each other’s company during the party.

Send-off parties don’t have to be boring. These excellent ideas will make that last day together memorable.

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