Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Home

Space. We all want more of it, but we’re probably not using the space we have in the best possible way. In our day-to-day lives, our homes are one of the biggest areas where we feel the need for extra space, and often it’s because we’re living in clutter and haven’t considered ways to maximize what space is available. There are a number of ways to make the most of the space you do have. These are listed below.

Tips to Maximize the Space in Your Home


Most of us have too many items that we no longer use and that would be appreciated by someone less fortunate. Remembering the rule of if you haven’t used it in the last year, it’s time to let it go, will help you reduce unused belongings and clutter. From clothes, books, CDs, toys, games and other miscellaneous goods, if you aren’t using them, donate them to someone who will.

Hold a Garage Sale

When was the last time you held a garage sale? If the answer is never, it’s time to change that. Holding a garage sale is a great way to clear out some of the items you no longer use or need and earn a bit of extra cash. Garage sales also help you evaluate what you can and should part with, freeing up extra space in the process. If you choose to part with large items like furniture, you can use the cash you’ve earned to from the garage sale to go towards more compact and space saving designs.

Rearrange and Reconfigure

Often our homes feel crowded due to the configuration of our furniture and personal items. Try rearranging furniture including sofas, beds and bookshelves to open up the area and make it feel larger. Rearranging your furniture along the outside perimeter of the room can go a long way to free up more floor space, as will moving the bed into the corner of a room. It’s also worth making a point to move any furniture away from areas that restrict the flow of foot traffic, especially near doorways.


Lets face it, sometimes there are many items you don’t really have the space for, but you just can’t part with. The solution? Store them. Whether it’s through renting a storage unit in a facility such as Fort Knox Storage for larger items (check out this URL for more information), or purchasing smart storage solutions like shelving and cabinets to store smaller belongings, storage is your best friend to create more space. After all, in any home, there is only so much space to display items at any given time. To free up square footage, store the rest until you need it most.

Our homes are our castles, but when castles become cluttered, these tips will help maximize the space available so you can regain control and avoid becoming overwhelmed by your belongings. What other strategies are there to increase the sense of space in the home? What hasn’t worked for you and your home? Share your tips and stories with a comment below!

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