Tips for a Comfortable Pregnancy

Pregnancy is largely a joy to experience, but when you can’t see the big picture in sight, pregnancy can leave you feeling incredibly uncomfortable and unsettled. Fortunately, the following tips can allow you to be as comfortable as possible at every stage of your pregnancy.

Tips for a Comfortable Pregnancy

Morning sickness

Morning sickness can be one of the biggest irritations in early pregnancy but there are many ways to deal with the symptoms and relieve those feelings of nausea. It may sound counter-productive, but the best thing you can do to keep sickness at bay is to eat regularly. Rather than eating large meals, eat small portions and snacks frequently to avoid an empty sensation in the pit of your stomach, as hunger can sometimes provoke morning sickness further.

Eating toast first thing in the morning can keep morning nausea at bay since the dry wheat can soak up stomach acid. Snacking on low-salt crackers between meals can also ease nausea – try teaming this with organic fruit juices and herbal teas such as mint and ginger.


Catching a proper night’s sleep is probably one of the most important things you can do for your own comfort and for all aspects of your pregnancy. The more sleep you have, the less nauseous you will feel. Feeling tired can bring about nausea and increase your chances of evening as well as morning sickness so be sure to get plenty of rest and afternoon naps.

Around 12 weeks into the pregnancy, you will begin to get bigger and develop a noticeable bump and you will be sleeping with this extra weight for the next 6 months, so comfort is vital. Luckily, special pregnancy pillows are available to help you sleep more soundly.


Similar to the first few days of our period, pregnancy can make us feel irritable and uncomfortable in certain clothes. Thankfully, maternity wear can offer a range of styles and materials to suit us and make us feel stylish even when we feel restless and worked-up. Avoid anything tight-fitting or woollen as this can become itchy. Instead, opt for stretchy, non-irritable material such as jersey cotton and loose-fitting linen.

There you have it, certified tips for a more manageable and comfortable pregnancy! If you’d like to achieve similar peace of mind about your baby’s health and paternity, you may wish to consider a prenatal paternity test. The friendly and professional staff at IB DNA use state of the art technology to provide you with quick and accurate results. To begin a test in confidence, visit their website for more info.

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