There’s Still Time to Ask Santa!

There’s Still Time to Ask Santa!

StoryFile, the AI startup that is revolutionizing the media and storytelling landscape through its proprietary technology, brings Santa Claus home this holiday season. The COVID-19 pandemic is preventing hundreds of thousands of children from meeting Santa in person, but Ask Santa has a solution. StoryFile, the powerful natural language processor and cloud-based interactive conversational video platform, has created the world’s first AI Santa. This personal experience with Santa will bring holiday cheer to those near and far, pushing past the challenges of social distancing.

This online interaction with Santa is designed for families and children of all ages, especially for children aged 3 through 12. Users visit Santa at his Grotto in the North Pole (where he has just completed renovations on his red sled) and have a real-time, natural conversation. Ask Santa is available online at, and can be accessed and showcased on any monitor, computer, mobile device, or screen. Ask Santa can also be life-sized or larger than life for use in a public setting. Santa is live now through Christmas, and will finish his AI duties on New Year’s Eve.

The StoryFile team decided to bring AI Santa to every child for the holiday season, since they wouldn’t be able to visit him in person this year. I am very excited to announce that AI Santa is here and ready to talk to you all! We combined our innovative technology and passion for connecting people with the magic of Christmas. I hope families everywhere come together to speak with Santa and have a wonderful Holiday season. After the past few months, I can imagine we are all in need of the holiday spirit.

– StoryFile CEO Heather Smith

“We will get through these hard times and we can make it uniquely fun,” said our AI Santa, also known as Santa Cortney. “Through AI can you imagine how exciting it will be to talk to Santa when he’s at home in the North Pole? And when children can talk to Santa on Ask Santa from their own homes, I believe the comfort to spend more time with Santa this way and having many questions answered is more than awesome! So I am excited about these upcoming virtual visits! And just know this: There is always a little bit of Santa living in your heart. And Santa WILL always be around for Christmas!”

In order to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience the holiday magic this year, regardless of circumstance, Ask Santa is free to use, and there is no time limit. Because the holiday season is the time for giving, Ask Santa, together with StoryFile and Red Sled Santa Foundation, will be accepting charitable donations to benefit the American Heart Association (AHA). All donations and contributions will go directly to the AHA to make long lasting impact. Giving to the AHA makes a dramatic impact in the fight against heart disease and stroke, in children and adults alike. We are encouraging kids to help kids by making a gift, spreading the holiday magic to save a child’s life and improve lives through a variety of programs and initiatives.

We are proud to support the American Heart Association. In a time of such uncertainty and chaos, Ask Santa will bring us all together in a safe and health-conscious way using AI. We hope our AI Santa will inspire people to give to the AHA and share the gift of a heartbeat.

– StoryFile CEO Heather Smith

About StoryFile: StoryFile is rapidly evolving the media and storytelling landscape through its proprietary innovative technology, creating new ways to interact and communicate with each other and the world through user-led, voice activated interactive conversational video technology. StoryFile’s mobile native cloud-based automatic AI-driven interactive conversational video platform creates an individualized and curated historical and living narrative. StoryFile leverages AI to enhance a natural conversation with the video captured on any device. StoryFile offers in-studio and remote legacy capture experiences, a beta-version of the StoryFile App on the app store, and [soon] a StoryFile Life version for users to create their personal full length StoryFiles using their own devices. To learn more, visit

About the American Heart Association: Children are the future in a world where cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer combined. The American Heart Association is a relentless force dedicated to saving and improving every child’s life. Its vision is that all children, regardless of gender, race, location or economic status, should be able grow to their full potential. The American Heart Association is laser-focused on enabling our children to build a world free from heart disease and stroke, working to improve environments where kids live, learn and play, and arming them with information, advocating for healthy environments and encouraging healthy habits. To learn more, visit

About Red Sled Santa Foundation: For many years, the Red Sled Santa Foundation has made the holidays special for children. The Foundation provides programs, services, fun and educational holiday gifts, and essential needs for low income, special needs, medically challenged and terminally ill children so they experience a memorable and meaningful loving holiday. The Foundation accomplishes this mission through fundraising efforts, gifts from generous donors, and support from local merchants for our annual “Fill the Sleigh Toy Drive.” To learn more, visit

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  1. This is something my grandchildren would really love! Talking with Santa from home is very convenient. It’s wonderful that they are accepting donations to the AHA too.

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