The Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebite Thief. A deliciously, sweet tale!

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It’s May! And for many of us that means the start of grilling and cookout season. Good food is great all year round, but there is just something about the warm weather that says bring on the steaks! I am sure you like to check out recipes shared by your favorite bloggers, so we thought we’d share some yummy prizes with you! Each blog listed below on the linky has a prize valued at $25+ for each winner – ALL FOOD RELATED! This means goodies to eat and items to help you fix, mix, cook, and serve delicious dishes. So let the May Buffet begin!

As the story goes, there’s a fairy known around town as the Sweet Tooth Fairy. She doesn’t have wings or use a magic wand. She simply creates enchanting sweets-using only the most ordinary ingredients-that captivate each lucky person who gets a taste. The Sweet Tooth Fairy tends to be a bit unpredictable in the kitchen, which is all a part of her charm. Forgetting ingredients or adding an extra pinch here and there is often how she discovers her most incredible delicacies. Her picturesque shops are beautifully filled with everything from cookies to cupcakes and anything in between. Young and old alike are drawn to her exquisite desserts that seem to have been created just for them. With each enticing bite, they will be filled with the nostalgia of the tasty delicacies and enchanting desserts you devoured as a child.

She lives to dream up new and spectacular items and share them with her adoring guests. After each visit to her quaint little store, you will crave her wonderful cooking more and more. The Sweet Tooth Fairy is destined to tempt our eyes and tickle our taste buds with her magical gift–and she will live happily ever after doing so.

This story is as old as the love of family-because that is where the founder of the The Sweet Tooth Fairy learned about the magic of sweets.

Read more about her dream come true, The Sweet Tooth Fairy!

Have your cake, and eat it too with our signature Cakebites! We take our freshly baked cake and our rich creamy frosting and blend them together, shape them into perfect little bite-sized pieces and dip them in chocolate for a dense, delectable treat.

With one bite, you’ll understand why The Sweet Tooth Fairy has gained national recognition and been featured on Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Woman’s Day Magazine, Pop Sugar, MSNBC and many more!

What the momma thinks……

I wish I could tell you about the eight different flavors that The Sweet Tooth Fairy sent to me to sample, but I can’t! The story of why honesty started about two months ago when my darling little E became a terrible two monster. The tantrums and sleepless nights began. Seriously I needed a cakebite treat to bring a little calming job back into my life. So as you can imagine on the day of arrival, I carefully tucked my 24 variety packs of cakebites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy into the fridge with care. During naptime the next day, I opened the box and took out a single Fairyfetti flavor and bite it right in half. What a brief moment of deliciousness heaven I entered for a few short moments.

The Fairyfetti cakebite was so moist and yet dense. The flavors reached every sweet craving I could imagine with just the ideal amount of sweetness. The outer icing layer provide the creamy, pop I needed to take me away from my day of mommy stress even if just for a bit. I fought the urge to devour the entire box right them an there, deciding that this treat was worth spacing over 2 weeks. The plan was one a day for mom and the remaining 12 would be to share with my lovely family. Little did I know my monstrous two-year old would rage a full-blown cake war over the next 48 hours.

For the next two days, every waking moment my eyes drifted to other parenting duties, my darling E would sneak in the kitchen and steal cake. At first it was cut and the fact that he could say it perfectly was enough to make me smile. Though on day two when mommy when to try the Peanut Butter cakebite I had my eyes on since opening the box, I realized there were 8 pieces of The Sweet Tooth Fairy treats left. WHAT???? How could this be? After inquiring with my entire family, I realized my bouncing off the wall E was on a bit of a sugar rush. Well someone sure loved the cakebite deliciousness the The Sweet Tooth Fairy created.

Realizing that my treasured sweets were in jeopardy, I popped a Chocolate Mint cakebite in my mouth and off to the store to buy a fridge lock. One bite (OH SO YUMMY) and I wish I would have taken it slowly as it would be the last taste of The Sweet Tooth Fairy cakebites I would get for sometime. I arrived home an hour later to find this………

So husband if you are reading this (and I know you are), this year I would like a box of The Sweet Tooth Fairy cakebites for Mother’s Day please!

Giveaway ends May 14 at 11:59PM EST. Open to the US residents only; 18+. Use the rafflecopter form below to enter to win 24 cakebites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.


The Sweet Tooth Fairy is sending one reader a box of 24 assorted cakebites!

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Disclosure: I receive sample(s) free of charge from The Sweet Tooth Fairy for purpose of testing and review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” View our disclosure policy if you have any questions.

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