The natural healing powers of cooper bracelets

Copper has been worn on the body for improved health for 1000s of years. It is believed that copper is absorbed by the skin to relieve joint pain making it ideal for arthritis suffers and minor injuries.

While the the metal of choice, cooper has not changed over time, the stylish options uses have. Companies like Magnet Jewelry Store, proudly offer large selections of finely crafted and designed solid copper bracelets. Their collection provides styles that are both suitable for men and women leaving no oneHammer Copper Magnetic Bracelet behind in the natural healing of copper.

Styles range from simple lines and shapes to bolder patterns and colors. Each one offering their own unique look and feel. This allows even the most fashion forward figure can remain happy when wearing something from their magnetic copper line. Even better that the Magnet Jewelry Store believes that one size does not fit all {many including myself know this to be fact} and takes it a step further offering sizing ranges from x-small to large.

My absolute favorite piece is the Hammer Copper Magnetic Bracelet. Something about the pink hint in the bracelet color and hammered design makes me get that small knowing smile that usually leads to purchase. In fact I can’t wait to see what it looks like with my favorite sweater and jeans.

Do you believe that copper offers natural healing powers?

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