The Best Cars For Dog Owners

This week, we celebrated National Dog Day.  I don’t know about you, but that happens to be a very special day for me.  I have three little furry girls that became mine when I moved in with my fiance.  They always brighten my day without fail.

Look into those eyes.  How could you resist her?
Look into those eyes. How could you resist her?

We take our dogs with us pretty frequently.  Two adults, two children in booster seats, and three small dogs.  Can you see why I want a minivan so badly now?  I had a chance to sit down with Brian from and get his opinion on what dog-loving families like ours should keep in mind while they’re looking for a car.  We’ve got brands and models that will fit your family’s needs as well as some features to look for to make you pup-owning-life much easier when you have them in tow.

Did you catch the part about built-in vacuums in the car to clean up pet hair?  I need one of those for cracker crumbs with these children too!  What’s your favorite feature of the vehicle you drive now and what do you wish you had?

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