Swan Boat Rental Experience – Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

Unique experiences are a simple two word explanation to why we love to travel as a family. We are firm believers in life is not about what you have but the moments you live and those that you get to spend that time with. Before even heading to Milwaukee, WI our boys were already in a fit about all the outdoor plans we had. “Too much exercise”, they would say. “A vacation is suppose to be fun not work.” Little did they know, we all would have an experience of a lifetime doing something as simple as paddle boating in a lagoon off Lake Michigan in an ultimate swan boat rental experience at Veterans Park.

Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

Wheel of Fun – Veterans Park, Milwaukee

Right in Veterans Park, you can find a vast number of activates to allow you to experience the great outdoors and water sports of all types. Wheel Fun Rentals offers two locations not far apart offering what we think are great starter experiences for travelers and locals of all ages.

Wheel Fun Rentals enables families and other adventurers to get an eye-full of wildlife without having to leave the city! Explore the lagoon from the helm of one of our many styles of watercraft, including kayaks and new swan boats.


The main rental stop is known to be Milwaukee’s favorite bike rental destination at Wheel Fun Rentals in Veterans Park. Located mere steps away from Oak Leaf Trail, Wheel Fun Rentals features the largest selection of cycles anywhere in town. Guests can choose from single, double, and triple Surreys, sporty Deuce Coupes, Turbo bikes, and a variety of traditional two wheel bikes! They also offer kite rentals right there at the same sight. Sadly, we did not get to do either but have already added this to our bucket list for next year’s return.

Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

The second is right beside a lagoon that separates city and Veterans Park. This locations offers guests the opportunity to spend an afternoon to rent a swan boat for a family excursion and leisurely pedal across the picturesque area! Even more appealing is the price point, at just $11 an hour for adults and $6 an hour for children. This makes a wonderful adventure obtainable for all budget travelers.

Wheel of Fun Swan Boat Rental Details

  • Wheel of Fun Rentals – Veterans Park
  • Location: 1400 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202
  • Website: wheelfunrentals.com/wi/milwaukee/veterans-park-north
  • Phone Number: (414) 242-0047
  • Area Information including nearby attractions: www.visitmilwaukee.org
Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

I am not going to tell you that there was no sweating or exercise involved in this activity because well, there was. We spent more than half our time paddling a swan boat that held four people and none of us are tiny by any means. But the calorie burning was fun and filled with more smiles and laughs than just about any larger attraction we have ever visited. Each of the boys took turns steering mom and dad down the lagoon while people watching and taking in the beautiful nature scene before us.

Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

We were greeted by dozens of ducks along the way. Many of which who were just as curious about the new guests as we were to see them. They would swim side by side with the boats as they would venture down the water but never came close enough for me to be concerned. It was a magically harmonious journey as if we were all at peace in this world.

As a family, we were taking time to chat about the trees, the weather, the wildlife and even the birds passing by. It was one of the best hours we have had in sometime. There was no need to be online. I took photos of our journey but our sons were focused on what lied in front of them. They area of the lagoon they wanted to explore next. What this duck or that looked like at a closer glance. It was spectacular and I would suggest a Swan Boat rental adventure again and again to those traveling to the Milwaukee area.

Swan Boat Rental Experience - Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI

Additional Note: Wheel of fun also offers a once-in-a-lifetime pedal boat rental experience on an illuminate iconic swan boat with LED lights that add a little after-dark sparkle. It is the perfect date night idea or travel experience for a couple. I imagine the simple beauty of this experience after the sun goes down in Milwaukee’s beautiful Veterans Park.

Have you and your family been paddle boating? Share your experience with us in a comment below.

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  1. This looks like that was a really fun day. The boats are so cute. What a great way to have some family fun!

  2. Oh my goodness, we would so love to visit this place. We are such ‘water people’ and this looks like a lot of fun for the entire family great pics thanks for sharing this one.

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